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2/12/2010 c1 9Vivaldia
A good start, and I really feel as though I'm in Wales! In terms of the language, you've used 'Gwynmynydd' using two perfectly correct words, 'gwyn' meaning 'white' and 'mynydd' meaning 'mountain'. Only, they would be the other way around in the Welsh language, as adjectives come after the noun in Welsh. So a better way of putting it would be 'Mynyddgwyn'.

Also, just to be super picky, the name 'Neirin' was and still is rarely used without the 'A' at the start. 'Aneurin' would be the old, correct spelling. But that is REALLY picky. Feel free to ignore that one, because colloquially, it could be said as 'Neirin' anyway.

I hope you carry on with this one, it's started off well!


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