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for Loving Jane

2/10/2011 c1 Kaelyn Morton
tucker is so sweet :)) i understand his reluctance perfectly lol im the same way. i think this story is amazing. just the way it is. xDD
9/20/2010 c1 TeenageDreams
a bit too chessy for my liking. but overall pretty good :)
6/23/2010 c1 Krystal
Ashley, I didn't realized you put this one on here. You might have told me, but I forgot about it. This is my most FAVORITE story you have ever written. I'm glad I was able to be the first one to read it and help you out with it. =]
2/14/2010 c1 Ashleyismy1
Hello love! Happy Valentine's Day! So you have a good bit of spelling and grammar mistakes, but your guy's POV was very good! It's something new and different than your other high school issues stories and I really enjoyed it. Happy writing my #1! -DL
2/13/2010 c1 1racethedreamx
This was so cute! I enjoyed it. And it was a great little gift from you before Valentine's Day. Don't worry, you did a good job on a guys point of view. (:
2/13/2010 c1 Ariel
=D I was so excited to see your e-mail! I love reading what you write and I think this is by far my favorite! Love and miss you girly!

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