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6/12/2010 c1 lijuan
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2/28/2010 c1 67moongazer7
I agree we are getting lazier, but is horrified at your ending. I think it's a bad thing except for useless banter and time wasting. besides what you could get as for research could be wrong. The internet isn't too useful except for lazy bums. Yeah, I rather do things the old way and be safer than wonder about my correctness or how much I could trust them, if I did work or shopped. What if the employer didn't pay up, or the seller didn't actually sell.
2/15/2010 c1 yourKonstantine
- Opening

Kind of a bland opening. That's a matter of personal opinion, though...generally I'm not a big fan of nonfiction, but for an essay I suppose it was a sufficient opening.

- Ending

A nice summation of the piece and a look toward the future. I think it fits well.

- Writing

Clean writing, an easy style. I would prefer shorter paragraphs but again, as this is an essay, that's not a huge problem. Usually I dislike reading essays but this one was okay; suffice it to say that your writing style was not cumbersome but was nice to read.

- Spelling/Grammar

A few issues here and there-"me to" lawsuits should be "me too." Also, the title of the film should be italicized or underlined. But no major issues.

- Enjoyment

I wasn't thrilled about the subject but this was a nice way to contrast Gen X and Gen Y. Maybe a more creative title would've been nice but that's not really a big deal. Nice work in nonfiction; you really don't see a lot of well-written essays on FP.
2/15/2010 c1 7Happy to be Mad
-Laugh- I am definitely from generation y...

Nice piece... well written

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