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5/12/2010 c20 anonymous8D
I should have known when Lil said that they couldn't be together if Lucas was alive that something bad was goig to happen. I thought that maybe they would be together after he dies a NATURAL death, but I didn't know he was going to commit suicide! I think that either he will stop himself from commiting suicide or someone else will. Or maybe he will try to kill himself, but he'll live through it. I think it wasn't a mistake and Lucas was supposed to live to help Sawyer. I just can't imagine what Sawyers going through. She's probaly blaming herself because she thnks she hasn't helped Lucas enough.

I read this on my way to school and I HAD to review. So right now I'm in 4th period global, tryingnot to get caught. Luckily I sit in the back and have wifi back here. I actually like reviewing. It lets me let my feelings out. If I have any spelling errors, I'm really sorry, it's beacuse I'm on my itouch and it's hard to type.
5/12/2010 c19 anonymous8D
I know Lil' is trying to do the right thing, but I can't help myself for disliking her character. She is the only thing that is keeping Luc from Sawyer. I think though, that it's a good thing that they al left. It wil give Lucas the chance to confide in other people other than the ones that are already dead.
5/12/2010 c18 anonymous8D
So Lucas's secret finally come out, huh. I feel so bad for Sawyer, the way she has to sit aroung letting Lucas confuse her with his "kissing her and pulling back" issue. So Josh finally knows what happened with Lucas and the crash, at least part of it. I have a feeling though, that Josh was being honest about Victoria having an advantage because she was seeing Neil. I don't think they were sleeping with each other but, seeing each other,is a great possibility.
5/12/2010 c17 anonymous8D

I was partially right. Sawyer did get taken advantage of, but I'm changing my mind about the being suicidal. I am really not sure what the bad thing she did was, I think I'm going to wait for some more clues.

Britt is a bitch and SHE belongs in a dumpster. And what is up with Josh and Will. I know their trying to embarass Lucas, but, still, it is so unbelievably childish.
5/11/2010 c16 anonymous8D
My heart broke for Sawyer when Lucas said Lil's name. AND I think that Victoria is secretly seeing Neil and that was so Neil at the house, not some co-worker from the diner. I think she's keeping it secret because she knows that Neil brings up bad memories for Lucas. Sawyer's wearing long sleeves again. NEW HYPOTHESIS: At Sawyer's old school, the jocks teased her because she was poor, so she tried to commit suicide, and when she moved, Britt started bothering her so she didn't commit suicide because she knew how much Luc needed her, so she just self-injured herself?...
5/11/2010 c15 anonymous8D
I think Lil' is sort of hypocritical. I mean, she tells Lucas to move on, but I think she knows it's damn near impossible if she keeps visiting him. I completely agree with Darren, Lucas needs to let go a little, or hs dreams WILL be the extent of his relationships.
5/11/2010 c14 anonymous8D
Sometimes I feel that Lucas forgets that Sawyer is not just his best friend/safety net, but also A NORMAL GIRL, who like to do "girl things". I feel bad for Lucas though, I feel that he feels obligated to take Sawyer to the dance. And what is up with Mr. Varner? I think he's more of a butthole than Josh because he's a teacher. It doesn't matter if he's a YOUNG teacher, he still needs to act like a professional, and not some "mighty mighty king" who thinks he's all that. :0
5/11/2010 c13 anonymous8D

I am so dissapointed in Lucas that he won't even consider trying to be with Sawyer. I did not really like Mrs. Ryans, but when she said that Lucas was in love with Sawyer, I felt like hugging her, seriously. The mystery surrounding Sawyer still confuses me, she said "I should know better than that", after the incident with her and Luc, so it makes me think that maybe she let a jock take advantage of her, AND THEN, tried to commit suicide. HM...
5/11/2010 c12 anonymous8D
I swear to freaking GOD!

I think they should just get together beacause, they're basically each other's comfort zone. She can read hes moods perfectly and he to her. WHY can't he love her like he did Lil', WHY!
5/11/2010 c11 anonymous8D

I think I got it.

A few chapters back, Sawyer was at the Safe club, and the teacher took her wrist and Sawyer paled. Now, I thought, "Maybe she tried to commit suicide"...

But then I read this chapter and I thought, "If Sawyer's father is worried about Lucas bothering Sawyer, then maybe, the issue revolving around Sawyer is that some jocks used to bother her at her old school and she tried to commit suicide".

Because Lucas was kind of a jock,... football team...?
5/11/2010 c10 anonymous8D
I really wish he could like Sayer in more than a friendly way.
5/11/2010 c9 anonymous8D

I was hoping that Lucas was going to re-join the football team.
5/11/2010 c8 anonymous8D
What Lucas is doing is so unhealthy, he should be trying to letting his friends go, moving on.
5/11/2010 c7 anonymous8D
I cannot believe Josh will go as far to drugging someone just to get them in trouble. I really hope someone messes him up.
5/10/2010 c26 3I'll Break Your Heart
Your story was beautiful. Words cannot describe how much it moved me...

But I'll tell ya what. That last chapter I boo hooed like a baby! It was a great story -the best story I've read in a long time. I wish someone would make it into a movie. It's that good. :)
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