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for Collision Course

2/20/2011 c20 passiononfire
oh my god. i cant believe that luc is going to do this!
2/20/2011 c18 passiononfire
this chapter almost made me cry! like a lot of the other chapters. and now im understanding a little more why no one believes him about not drinking. =(
2/20/2011 c25 3sora kinomoto
:(:(:(, I'm sad is over, it was a beautiful story, and the one that made me cry most of all your stories. I don't want to miss the chance to tell you how much I love this story, and you are one of my favourite writers ever (I guess you may already guessed it taking into accord that I've been reading all your stories for the last weeks XD). Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us! Loved this story!
2/20/2011 c23 sora kinomoto
best chapter ever! Beautiful and filled with feelings, I totally loved it! Thank you
2/20/2011 c3 passiononfire
love where the story is going. it's so sad!
2/20/2011 c25 5christinaxxyo
This last chapter made me tear up :( I really liked how you incorporated Darren, Sammy and Lil into the story using dreams. I thought that was a really cool way to let us know them. Also, the chemistry between Lucas and Sawyer is amazing and you did an awesome job creating it. Seriously, you did an amazing job on this story. I loved how everything pieced together and how realistic you made it. :D
2/20/2011 c21 3sora kinomoto
wow, this chapter was hard to read, it was filled with different feelings that I had to stop through half of it because I couldn't stop crying. I loved the fact that he was finally relieved, I always thought that Sawyer tried to kill herself, but having it confirmed made me sad too. I love that Lucas finally wanted to be helped, I really love when people do that because is one of the hardest things to do. Thanks for a great chapter!
2/20/2011 c17 sora kinomoto
I love Sawyer (I think I'm starting all of my revews with thatsentence XD). She's so strong! I feel bad that she has such bad luck with guys, even with Lucas, who isn't exactly a bad guy, but he doesn't commit to her at all, and keeps pushing her away. I really feel bad for her! Thanks for the chapter and thanks for always replying the reviews =D
2/19/2011 c13 sora kinomoto
I love the fact that he finally talked with someone! He really should open up more.

2/19/2011 c12 sora kinomoto
In chapters like this, I would love to hear Sawyer's thoughts. Even though everything is from Lucas POV, you can still feel her sadness and rejection over this kind of things.

Thanks for the chapter!
2/19/2011 c11 sora kinomoto
I feel so bad about Sawyer! It must be so hard to fight for someone who's in love with a dead person! I love Sawyer!

I also feel sort of bad for Sawyer dad, I think he isnt' a bad guy, but doesn't have any idea how to handle her.

Thanks for the story!
2/18/2011 c4 sora kinomoto
I love Sawyer, I know I already said it XD, but she's really mysterious and funny. I have a feeling she would be the first one to have romantic feelings.

I feel so bad about Lucas, is so unfair how everyone is treating him!

Thanks for the story!
2/17/2011 c2 sora kinomoto
I love Sawyer! I guess she must have some sort of dark past too, but I love how she doesn't judge him like the others!

Thanks for the chapter!
2/17/2011 c1 sora kinomoto
I feel like I'm stalking you reading one of your stories after the other =P, but I love how you write!

I feel bad for Lucas (he has the same name as my brother =P) about what happened to him. When he was walking and people were talking behind his back, I thought the same as Lucas, it seems that after this kind of accidents people would instantly "remember" how they always see that person drunk. It must be so hard for his mother too (one of my favourite characters so far), besides everything she went through, the fact that she almost lost her son, and everything that he has to go through must be really hard to handle.

I like Sawyer! She seems kind of odd, but I'm sure she will be a really interesting character.

Thanks for the story!
2/14/2011 c1 3jennalizing
By the way, if you do publish this, I would buy it. Guaranteed. Hopefully you do soon because I would love to have a copy.
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