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4/19/2021 c21 ATK
love it so far omfg. The way Ethan gets jealous is just so yumm
5/18/2019 c34 zagato
Thank you for this wonderful story!
1/17/2019 c34 Guest
A great spoof. terrible regency story. The main character was terrible and stupid.
1/17/2019 c13 Guest
She acts like someone from modern time play acting Regency. And frankly getting on nerves. This book would make great spoof on regency. First few chapters were pure gold.
12/31/2014 c34 4Princess Wanderer
you left way too many things unanswered. It's one thing to rush a piece but the ending is a smack in the face
12/7/2014 c34 Psychotic.Satisfaction
Your story was amazing. Very well written :)
10/1/2014 c34 1my princess ending
I found this story completely adorable. I've always loved historical love stories because it's placed back in a time where everything is so proper and marriage arrangements are made to spice things up. And there's just this different atmosphere with the classes, balls, gowns, etc. And your story makes me realize how much I actually love these stories.

There are times where I loathe Priscilla because of her attitude but there are times where I praise her because she's so stubborn. I know she's capable of caring and that's what makes me like her. She's able to change and I love that she cares for her father so deeply.

I agree that the ending is rushed but I also feel that the whole story is a bit rushed. But because the rest of the story is rushed, the ending seems to fit in with it. I don't see the process of Ethan falling in love with Priscilla but I can see the qualities he likes. But overall, they make me happy.
10/1/2014 c33 my princess ending
I cannot comprehend what could make Ethan tell Priscilla he doesn't love her anymore. It doesn't make sense to me and I want to rip my hair out of my head. Why would he hurt her like that? It's not like he DOES have someone else right?
10/1/2014 c30 my princess ending
I was 500% sure the remaining chapters would be about Priscilla and Ethan fixing a quarrel but you wouldn't believe how relieved I was when Mr. Thumble smacked her head. That's wrong to say but I don't feel bad because I can't wait until they reunite—if they do, which they have to!
10/1/2014 c29 my princess ending
I'm guessing Olive schemed this. Or maybe Sebastian but it's unlikely because he was just at the ball and I doubt he'd hire people the chase her down and knock her out. And my last guess is someone that's a rival of Ethan's but we haven't heard of any so it's probably not. I don't even know why I thought Olive but she's horrible and capable of something like this.
10/1/2014 c28 my princess ending
Now that Priscilla is in love with Ethan we can be happy and dance in circles or something! But there has to be another problem besides the problem with Priscilla's father since there's still 7 chapters left. And what about Olive?
9/30/2014 c21 my princess ending
I'm so happy that there's some action going on between Priscilla and Ethan. I thought they'd never spend time together again. I can't tell if what Ethan is saying is that he likes her or if he's interested in her or if he is just lusting for her. But I love the way he gets jealous of Mr. Thumble and tells Priscilla she will be his marchionness soon. I just melted.
9/30/2014 c18 my princess ending
Every part of me feels torn into a million pieces. Yes, everything Ethan said to Priscilla is true but the things Priscilla said about Ethan were also true. I'm so hurt that they can hurt each other like this even though they don't love each other because this will come back and haunt the other—if you write it like that. I know it would forever tear me apart if someone said that to me, even if they tried to make up for it. I can just hear Priscilla starting to scheme of ways to avoid marrying Ethan, for example, taking in Sebastian's offer. This is breaking my heart.
9/30/2014 c15 my princess ending
I see, so Ethan does find Priscilla pretty. It's weird to think that she's actually good looking because being in Priscilla's mind makes me think she's nothing special. Although it's nice to know Ethan is interested in marrying her.
9/30/2014 c14 my princess ending
From the way Sebastian is so persistent I feel as if he actually habors some kind of feeling towards Priscilla. But then again they're cousins so it's unlikely if not possible. I just hope they don't end up married. And I pray that Mr. Thumble will learn to give up because I don't support them.
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