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for The Coupling of Werewolves

1/11/2017 c30 Guest
I cannot wait for the rest of this story. Please continue with your excellent writing.
11/3/2013 c30 Sweetandspicey
Loved the story
2/23/2011 c30 1midnight84118
great story hope to see/read more soon keep it up great job
8/1/2010 c30 2ALWAYSbeMYthunder
Your story is amazing. The pregnancy is a bit confusing though. They go from not bein sure shes pregnant to her showing lots of signs and not fitting into her normal clothes in what seems like a matter of days. Is it that lots of time has passed or are werewolf pregnancies quicker? you should propably try and make it a little clearer. But all in all I love it and can't wait to read more.
7/24/2010 c30 2pan0gwen
I love this story! Just a quick question. They have been mated for about a week and she is half way though the pregnancy? Can you just add more info in the next chapter plz. I can't wait for an update!
7/2/2010 c30 7smurf-love
i really like this story...i wouldnt mind reading the rest so keep it up...
6/28/2010 c30 lostlette
love it
6/20/2010 c30 1violet-eyez
so it's over?
6/20/2010 c30 Letyne
Thanks for this new chapter ^^
6/8/2010 c2 1esthaelum
Ooh. Who's Gregory..? I like how he's so... unknown. I hardly know anything about him. I wonder how he knows Noelle... Did Noelle know him at first? Did she lsoe her memory? I love how this chapter has so many questions. Good job!

From the Roadhouse~

Pretty please repay via The Unwanted?
6/6/2010 c1 esthaelum
Ooh. I love werewolves! I prefer them to vampires...

AAW. I found Jason and Noelle so CUTE with each other. It was rather tragic that she had to leave though... Jason was so sweet, telling her all that. One year can be a long time... I have a feeling that their relationship with each other is going to change.

Great start so far! I enjoyed reading this.

From Gossip~

Pretty please repay via The Unwanted?~
6/5/2010 c29 Letyne
Thank you ^^
6/5/2010 c29 1violet-eyez
can't wait for the next chapter
5/16/2010 c1 3MySweetLilly
I truly enjoy your writing style! keeps me wanting more... :) awesome!
4/26/2010 c31 1violet-eyez
will clay finally die
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