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12/23/2003 c1 29Hangman
Im sorry, but i couldnt see any poem... did it get deleted or what?
2/20/2002 c1 hi umm you dont know me
As i said, you don't know me but I just wanted to say that I read this and I thought it was REALLY good! You're really talented. Don't let anything get in the way of your writing, you have real potential. Your work sounds like it's definetly coming from your heart. :)
12/13/2001 c1 IdentityCrisis
*sniff* so true! That is awesome! you read the paper, and on the 10th page are all the murders, deaths, etc. those things deserve to be on the first page, first off, but they're so common, that hardly anyone pays attention to them anymore!
5/18/2001 c1 Juliana Wright
Really powerfull...
5/17/2001 c1 197Richard Platypus
i get what you're saying here, dude... maybe the problem is that people just don't value life anymore. I mean, the kids in Columbine (and Columbine is such an intolerant community, or so Jello Biafra's spoken word CD Become The Media tells me) were treated like Shit throughout their entire lives just cuz they were different... so how could they have valued life? So they took other poeple's lives and took their own...
5/9/2001 c1 22Gevo
sad but true. love your poem.
5/8/2001 c1 Havoc of Heaven
5/8/2001 c1 justin Case
that was really good and describes our world today in such a clear vision. i envy you for ur insight on things.

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