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for Death's Prying Hands

3/4/2010 c1 15Ginnyloveslife
I am terribly sorry about your grandmother; it is always horrible to lose loved ones. Now, I would just like to say a couple of things. First of all, you didn't sound angry or against God-You just sounded hurt and confused, which you have the right to, all the right. Death isn't ever fair and really, it is pretty much indescribable. There is no way one can say or describe what it really feels like when somebody close to you parts forever. But see, I learnt this at a really young age and it still hold true: People don't ever really go away. They live on through your love and your memories. Especially memories.

And then, it's a natural process: Like Birth, Death too must come. I hope your grandomther didn't have to suffer much: Imagine if she had gotten really old and died a sad, struggling, bed-ridden and helpless death? There is always a reason to things; why she left is because it was meant to teach you that no matter what happens-No matter who leaves, life goes on. And you will be OK. Yeah. Really. It isn't God's fault or God isn't to be blamed-It's Nature.

You will be OK. And you will come out stronger. Because God wants it so. :)

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