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for Superboy and the Evil Genius

2/16/2022 c13 Dinaharun
I like your main lead. My name is Dina a talent scout for a fast growing platform. I want to offer you something. May I know how to reach you professionally?
8/27/2021 c13 Namesake
Color me surprised to find a new chapter for this story! I checked back up on it recently and wanted you to know of my delight, thanks for sharing it! _
12/22/2020 c13 Wakes to Dream All Night
Ah! I was so happy to see you'd updated. Your chapters always make my day!

Wishing you well!
4/2/2020 c13 2tohru rikku
Eeeee, something told me to check your profile and I was so excited to find out that you have just updated and put up a new story too. I am so happy I did a little dance and had to reread this story for the umpteenth time. Thank you so much! You are one of my favourite authors. You just made my day awesome!

So does this mean that the news will be talking about something other than that virus? Too bad there is no real giant robot attack. I am sure the way things are right now people would invest in it just to have something else to hear about on the news. Perhaps he can have robot fights going on or the rats can do some kind of mischief.
8/27/2016 c1 Guest
Please update this... pretty please. I laughed.
6/4/2016 c12 Materic
love it
8/6/2015 c12 Guest
I loved it. The chapters fold out like Episodes. Still would like to see more of these two though!
7/10/2015 c12 reina Al mussad
i totally love it...Its not the usual superhero cliche crap...This is just mwaaaa...i just love thomas..he a lovable villain,i mean..the way he treats his boyfriend oh and alex...he sooooo cute...More chapters please and sam more alex's POV...
5/22/2015 c12 2Fobbster
Hope you update in the near future!
5/22/2015 c1 Fobbster
...uh okay?
11/23/2014 c1 1Shiro Bondevik
Oh wait, it was supposed to be just a one-shot. Thanks for the additional chapters!
11/23/2014 c12 Shiro Bondevik
You good evil genius! XD Great story. I just wish you finished it
10/28/2014 c1 Guest
4/26/2014 c12 Guest
Oh wow! This is just full of humour and sooo interesting! More, pretty please!
1/29/2014 c12 NightShadeGhost
Oh my gods! This is an utterly fantastic story. It had me laughing the entire time. The characters, the plot, the humor through it all was awesome. I LOVE this story and plan to keep it in my favorites folder.

Thank you so very much for sharing this story!
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