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7/21/2012 c7 Bluestreakspirit
GAHH DONDÉ ESTA THE LAST CHAPTER? Oh nooo! It was about to be so good, too. Is it floating around somewhere, just waiting for the day it can finally see the light (or BE the light, shining from my computer screen onto my gleeful face, rather)? I really like your other stories, so of course I like this one also. Your style of writing is very humorous, sarcastic, and ironic. I am really hoping for some updates here... Anything would be lovely! Thank you :)
7/24/2010 c7 redambrosia
This story and your writing are adorable. I love this cliche. Why try to make something different if there's nothing wrong with the thing that makes it the same, right? (Like ice cream or cake =d)
7/22/2010 c7 12emopoet
Loved it as always. :) Jade's rant made me wish I could do that to someone. :))

typo: "He knows theose teachers are snotty mindless robots,"
7/18/2010 c7 2into the black
I really like this, especially Jade's character. She's a breath of fresh air, to put it in cliched terms.
7/17/2010 c7 2renegade01
chapter title is funny. ;) it'll be interesting to see how things turn out... jade seems to feel conflicted about david.
6/17/2010 c6 1moonlitmidnight
Wait a second. You said "just a few more chapters and we're done." Is this supposed to be a short story? Kinda like a 6-part one shot? Lol. I totally didn't realize it was going to be short.

Hope you update soon!
6/9/2010 c6 1funnechick
I can't wait to read the next chapter and find out what David will do with this new information!
6/7/2010 c6 2renegade01
dun dun dun...

so we finally get to see the quote from the summary come into play. hehe, it made me laugh. ;)
6/1/2010 c1 4sew.what32
cool! sounds very good!
6/1/2010 c6 six23
I love Jade's parents. They're so insane and witty: "wayward daughter"? What was that?

I don't think enough of these flitty, superficial teen romance stories have real parental interaction in them. They've all run off to Vegas or become Mafia business moguls or madams in Sweden or something and can't be bothered in their ultra-hip sons' and daughters' lives. So, thank you for a little reality.

Jade amd her awesome shoes make me smile (on the regular, as some say) and so does your writing. Hurry, to the next chapter we must go, before I am forced to devolve into a horrifying mutagenic transformation from lack of the awesome. It happens.

Now I am off to see your other works, which should hopefully restrain my tentacles from growing.
6/1/2010 c6 Sam
YOu need to update as fast as you possibly can!
5/22/2010 c5 2renegade01
ahh, so its jade who's up to no good... interesting. ;) funny chapter.
5/16/2010 c5 3Inkbl0t
I really, truly like this story. I like Jade, I like David, and I find Maggie to be utterly hilarious. But it kind of feels as though the story's progressing too fast, and while I don't really like big, whopping paragraphs waxing poetic about physical looks or personal information, I have these gaping holes in the images of Jade and David I have...

Still, this story is pretty damn good, and I'd love to read it to the end.
5/16/2010 c5 BleaCH
Hey there! I like how David seems nicer now. Hope they get along more next time!
5/14/2010 c5 12emopoet
"Stop blocking my view, woman."

- this reminded me of Barney. English blockmate Barney and Barney Stinson. :))

I like this chapter. Lots of laughs. :D

But I got confused when Jade grabbed David's arm and pushed him out of the room. Is that even possible? haha. Pulled seems more likely.
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