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for The Saint Patrick's Day Surprise

8/19/2010 c1 Lord Monbodo
Curious, I was thinking of a story with a similar premise.
3/15/2010 c1 48Michael Panush
An interesting set-up, although one with a few historical problems. Wouldn't the Europeans already have encountered the now Chinese discovered New World in 1492? Wouldn't the diseases introduced by the Chinese have ravaged the Aztec empire to destruction, which they couldn't come back from in just 200 years? Wouldn't the Irish have better gunpowder weapons than the second-hand Aztec ones stolen from Chinese? Errors and questions like this wouldn't be an issue if you had engaging characters, a detailed plot, or other such to occupy my mind, but since this is really just a premise those kinds of things crop up.

Well, I guess it's still an interesting premise, even with the holes.

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