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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

2/3/2018 c23 pandipants
Amazing Lululemon.
2/3/2018 c19 pandipants
...and he kissed her
6/7/2016 c1 Guest
Reece's anonymous love is obviously Carson. It is so damn obvious that it annoys me. sorry
2/6/2016 c23 Durthee
Please update. It doesnt have to be a ton more chapters. Just one for closure. This is an AMAZING story and i love it to death. I NEED MORE!
10/23/2015 c23 1somersaultkick
Honestly, I don't know if it's all worth the wait but I'm happy they are together. And honestly, I don't give a crap about Liam and Madeline but hey it's just my opinion. It's just that whenever the story shifts to Liam and Madeline I just lose my interest. Anyway, thank you for letting me read this story. Though I really understand that she needs to be so dense since that's what the story is about, it really is just frustrating and I'm just at least glad that it didn't take 10 years for their love to blossom (if we want to exaggerate her denseness).
Keep it up keep on improving!
10/23/2015 c6 somersaultkick
Ow wow. This is really messed up.
5/28/2015 c23 evening's shore
Hi there! This was an average love story to me, because 1) the secret-girl plot dragged out way too long (and it was way too obvious that he liked Carson, so the reader was left with frustration for over 18 chapters), 2) uninteresting (not deep, clever, or complex) dialogue, and 3) weak characterizations (the characterization is not complex).

I do like Carson and Reece's relationship. They're very sweet.

Keep on writing! :)
3/23/2015 c23 Bahati
good Lord! amazing story
2/15/2015 c23 ARulzz
You ain't gonna finish this story ever, are you? Its been almost a year since I last read this story and you now when I re-read it, I find that you still have not finished it. Come on, finish it up quickly. I know you might be busy with school/college but lighten up and finish this, 'kay? You'll feel relieved that you finished what you started as well, it'll make me happy since I won't have to wonder about the ending anymore. So whaddaya say?
7/18/2014 c23 KidNextDoor332
Hi Lulu,
I made this account solely to tell you that I absolutely love your work! I came across this story 3 days ago and haven't been able to stop reading since. It's very relatable, light-hearted, and easy to read. While reading, I noticed that it was last updated in 2012, which made me breath a sigh of relief. So as you can imagine, when I got to the bottom of the page, I was absolutely devastated to find that the book isn't finished :P I really hope you haven't forgotten about it, because I think you have something special here! Also, you said you cut the chapter in half? I was hoping that this meant the other half is written! So even if you have decided to move on from this story, It would be greatly appreciated by me and thousands of others if you were to release that other half at least! It would provide us with some form of closure haha. So yeah, just dropping in to tell you that you did something amazing with this.
5/3/2014 c23 Fangalitious
Please, please, PLEASE update, 'cause I really love this story, and this is an absolutely DREADFUL place to leave us off. I know your busy and life happens, but... update? Hope to see a new chapter soon!
12/13/2013 c22 Silentsoul23
Duddddeee if you see a killer at your house...its probably me. I've been waiting agess for you to update. I'm in chapter 22 but i'm slowreading yet anxious to see what happens next. Stop toturing me and upload. If this appears as guest, my username is silentsoul23. Fictoinpress won't let me in cause its a bitch and we know it.
8/16/2013 c23 1my princess ending
Hmm, well, I suppose the cliffhanger and ending of this isn't that bad. Everything was somewhat resolved. I'm really happy the whole Liam and Madeline thing was resolved because they're perfect for each other.
I guess I'm not that mad at the fact that it ended the way it ended because what could Kara do? Blackmail? Hate Carson forever? Turn the whole school against her? None of those. She'll just have to live with it. I have a feeling that if you were to continue it, Kara and Landon would end up together.
I'm extremely happy about the fact that Landon and Carson aren't dating anymore. I would be so irritated if you stopped before they ended their relationship. Basically, if I just use my imagination, there would be a happy ending easily.
I had a blast reading this. It was such an easy read and it wasn't totally focused on school life but mainly on what happened outside of school. The twists that were added were quite interesting as well. I enjoyed reading about Carson and Reece. I would actually be extremely thankful if you continued though.

With love,
my princess ending
8/16/2013 c22 my princess ending
I don't know what's wrong with me but I kind of just don't care about Reece and Carson anymore. I'm more intrigued with the whole Liam and Madeline problem. Probably because I really like Madeline as a character.
I also have no idea what is wrong with me for disliking Kara but I just do. I feel like she won't even look at Carson and pick up on the things she does for her and Reece (like, leaving them together and stuff). She irritates me. She's like the extra third wheel in most stories that just gets used to create drama but really doesn't find love in the story because she's mean. The only thing different is that she's nice but considering from Carson's point of view, I look at her as an ungrateful bitch. Oops. I'm rambling now.

With love,
my princess ending
8/10/2013 c12 my princess ending

With love,
my princess ending
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