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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

7/31/2011 c21 Kajal
I didn't think there were too many good stories on this site that I hadn't read, so I was excited when I got into this one! I love your characters and how they've progressed so believably. I really want to see Reece and Carson happy together, so I hope we get a few chapters of blissfulness towards the end. I even want Liam to be happy. He can be such a butt, and yet I feel bad for the poor guy. Madeline however, confuses me. At times I feel like she's up to something (like writing an expose that will reveal everything about the RCL love triangle to the school! ok, I'm letting my imagination run a little too wild), and at others I think she's harmless...

I hope you update soon and end all my speculation!
7/15/2011 c21 namesdontmatter
I love this story! Please say you haven't given up on it. Update soon!
7/15/2011 c1 kris
Did you like give up on this story ? I really liked it and I was so into it, but you haven't updated in months. ): is that how it was supposed to ennd..idk I'm confused /:
7/10/2011 c21 cosmopolitan
shit it's been a long time

hope you come back with another chapter soon, I so do love rereading this story!
6/26/2011 c21 2xoletitgo
i loveee it!

please, please, please update soon! :D
6/23/2011 c21 Guest
I'm dying! This book just has waaaay too many cliff hangers! Please update soon! I want Liam & Madeline to end up together & I just want Reece & Carson to finally be a couple. And anddd kara & landon should tottttally get together! SERIOUSLY Gaahh xD
6/23/2011 c18 starstruckk954
I'm seriously completely heartbroken right now. I soooo did not expect this! Ohh Lord...why can't they just be honest with eachother?
6/23/2011 c21 1Mymoxie
love your style, your story is great so far i reallly really love Liam and Madeline, this story is really juicy and dramatic, not something i want in real like but definitely a great read. Plz update, I can't wait to find out what happens:)
6/22/2011 c8 starstruckk954
LSIKFHSEIR. So, I don't really care that I'm saying the same thing in every single review, but I think I just hate Carson more & more with each chapter I read. She needs to take things more seroius -_- but I love this book(: Maybe even more than Hooked On Him! I don't know why, but I do :)
6/22/2011 c5 starstruckk954
OHMYGOSH! Carson is seriously pissing me of -_- she is seriously so dense! Her hurting Reece is making me sad :( but i'm loving this story 3333 you're an amaazing author(:
6/21/2011 c1 starstruckk954
Awww! She's so oblivious! :D and so mean! I mean, c'mon! I don't know Landon yet but Reece is right there! Don't say you wanna fall in love with him infront of Reece! I would've been heartbroken xD haha(: I can't wait to keep reading! Lovely way to start off the book :)
6/21/2011 c21 favouritedoll
This is an amazing story! i love it, the characters are hilarious
6/21/2011 c21 1DofD
Amazing. More soon please.
6/15/2011 c4 1oldwriter12
So I was bored and searching for a story and thought I would see if you had anything up since your first two. I am not disappointed! I will be sure to continue reading. And you are definitely going on my author alert; your writing is so captivating!
6/13/2011 c21 8TheRaven'sFeather
You have successfuly sucked me into your story. I quite like it, and the people in it. Though I must say that my respect for Carson went out the door when she started to cheat on Landon with Reece. I hope she ends it with him soon, or gets punched in the face. Just kidding (or am I?). Anyways I kind of feel weird at some points in this story because my real name is Kara so whenever there's a character named Kara I feel weired.

Keep writing.
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