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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

6/12/2011 c21 The Imagination Addict
ooh i cat believe how much u still have left to write! quick! update!
6/12/2011 c18 The Imagination Addict
OMG noooo they're both so aggravating!
6/10/2011 c2 The Imagination Addict
hmm u actually write liam's point of view really well! (even though it's in third-person) it seems very male-ish in perspective. good job! n i literally read the improvement in your writing over the years, from "hooked on him" to this. :)
6/9/2011 c21 2Kaleidoscope World

:(( I hate Tim and Mark even more now.

please update soon! you haven't updated for almost 2 months now
6/5/2011 c21 7Aetherity
It's so refreshing to read such a well done story containing the typical cliches but bringing them across in a not so typical way so well done and I look forward to the next chapter :)
6/4/2011 c21 rugvbkh799
Hullo thar,

I’m getting more used to read stories involving high school romances (no matter how many you read you will never get enough of them . . .). Lately I’ve been reading more stories than writing them myself though . . . perhaps not all too good. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, I’m here to leave a review, so I shall give you one.

I Adore Chocolate:

-You have no explicit sex. Fucking hell yeah. *smug* In my opinion sex is overrated, so for someone to write out ALL the sex scenes with ALL the details is quite unnecessary. There is sex going on and you know it, but like you’ve proven, you don’t have to write it out to get the hint. It’s good to read some good ol’ romance you know.

-(I write this all the time, but whatever . . . this is one of the main reasons for me actually reading a story to begin with) The beginning of the story was good. It wasn’t like this; the two main protagonists meet, put rabbits to shame and BOM! live happily ever after. You have an introduction, and that’s something most people forget about. From my point of view, I kind of like the plot in general actually. It’s not a super long story (comparison to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter), and everything develops rather slowly; I know that in real life relationships either develops relatively slow or extremely fast. *nod*

-You’re awesome with grammar, spelling and capitalization. It’s something I appreciate with stories, and I get so . . . bothered somehow, when I read stories you can’t even understand, but really, it’s understandable as well. You don’t know the authors’ origins, and maybe the author is new and— there are so many other things; nevertheless, to me it’s a criterion that the grammar and spelling is relatively correctly used.

Not That Fond of Coffee Though:

-I couldn’t find anything that bothered me until no end or anything like that. Err . . . there may be some minor things I can bring up though, and one of those is that it’s “angry with” and not “angry at” when you’re pissed and someone. Like; “Why are you angry with me?” It’s a minor thing, and I know this because I study grammar like freaking hell, so yeah. I’m not that surprised, a lot of people mess up on this part.

-Er. . . ty~ypos. Don’t you love them? Just like you love a pain in the arse . . . I can understand why typos appear though – for it to be flawless and contain no mistakes whatsoever is quite inevitable, though, that doesn’t matter – I like it when there are some mistakes. It shows me that this person likes to write, for fun, and is not a perfectionist who writes for the publicity.

That’s all I’ve got to say, and I’ve just very glad that you’ve written this story. I’ve said it once before, but really; this is a good story. Period. Btw, I’m too lazy to go back and look for errors in this reviews – even though I left a certain negative comment about this . . . damn – so you’ll just have to bear with me today. Gotta go finish drawing some stuff for class now~

Dream. Live. Breathe. Write. All for fiction.

5/29/2011 c21 TheLittleStar
I started this story hours ago, and sat here reading it all the way to the end. I'd just like to say that I'm amazed with your character's development, and really glad that you wrote this story and posted it up. I absolutely love Reese and Carson, but the tense relationship of Liam and Madeline is extremely appealing. Thanks for this work! Please keep updating!
5/23/2011 c21 Cassie
Gah! This story is absolutely fantastic! I love your portrayal of Liam and Madeline's relationship, plus all the tension and build-up with Reese and Carson. Reese actually reminds me if my boyfriend, so when I read this it's kinda like reading about us, haha. I love how long your story is, and how the quality is absolutely top notch (with use of descriptive verbs and actions and scenery and whatnot ;D) Great job! I can't wait to read the next chapter when you finish writing it and publish it. I recommended this to my boyfriend to read!
5/21/2011 c20 1DofD
Love them love them love them Love them love them love them Love them love them love them... this can go on for hours.
5/20/2011 c21 Angelxoxo13
Aha! Bets! Kids nowadays~ ;)
5/20/2011 c19 Angelxoxo13
Awww~ wait. Just wait a sec... YES, FINALLY! Finally he take that step. Geez! Both of them are too dense!
5/20/2011 c18 Angelxoxo13
No~ Heartbroken. :'(
5/20/2011 c10 Angelxoxo13
I think I might have read this story before, hmmm, but obviously I forgot bout the plot lines. :-/
5/19/2011 c19 DofD
5/19/2011 c18 DofD
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