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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

4/16/2011 c21 2Magin 2152
GR! I'm mad at you for not posting sooner. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be quicker next time. I was starting to get worried that you weren't ever going to post.

Anyway! Cool chapter. LOL Liam knows!
4/16/2011 c21 animegirl214


you need to end Landon and Carson's relationship!

It makes me view Carson as a very very not so good girl... :P


thanks for the chapter! Hope you update again soon! :D
4/16/2011 c21 lalalalalala
before i start reading. YE CHAPTER UPDATE! hehe. thanks (=
4/6/2011 c20 24Kyo-to-Key
EK! THIS IS AMAZING. Keep writing, please? Best. Story. Ever. Turn it into a book? PRETTY please? (:
4/3/2011 c5 Clarise is too fine
so, im only on chapter five, but im in love with reece. if he doesn't end up with carson, im gonna be really sad. landon is allright, but reece is better. :)
3/29/2011 c20 Jenna
I LOVE this chapter! So much cuteness at the end. You are amazing :)
3/21/2011 c20 1Shelia Hunkapoo
OMFG finally finished reading the previous chapters took me 2 days :) hahahaha omg did something more happen with tht "goodnight kiss" hahahaha UPDATE SOON! :)
3/14/2011 c20 Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf
Great story! I liked reading about Carson and Reece more than Madeline and Liam. I feel sort of sorry for Landon as he was so sweet, but Carson and Reece is definitely better than Carson and Landon. Update soon!
3/10/2011 c20 lionsroar
OMG! i didn't know there was an update and yesterday i was checking to see if there was and there was :D

I love love love love loved it :D
3/10/2011 c20 1thegurlwholovedyou
Omg this story is soo good i love it so much reece and carson are soo cute together im so jelous.

Oh and my names madeleine and I hate when people call me that i inwardly cringe everytime so if i was her i would have killed liam by now haha.

Cant wait till the next chapter :D

~Maddie xo
3/4/2011 c20 1billiebloom
I absolutely love this story.

It's the perfect cliché. (:

3/3/2011 c20 Annie85
Finally! Reece and Carson are making some progress. And Liam is such a d-bag for doing that to Madeline. shame on him
3/2/2011 c1 Dramatic Rose714
I just read Not Quite of the Hook, after reading Hooked on Him. I loved both a lot, by the way. I was just wondering... Whatever happened to RL Lucas? Just curious... :) I completely adore this story, also, and would seriously appreciate it if you updated soon. You're an absolutely amazing writer and I enjoy reading all of your work. So, you deserve this ridiculously long review, and thousands more! Just saying... :D

2/28/2011 c20 Rilan Morr
This chapter is so cute! Carson and Reece are just as cute!

Definitely worth the wait! :)
2/28/2011 c20 chng234
is the story coming to an end? i hope no more hicups for both of them
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