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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

8/10/2013 c10 1my princess ending

With love,
my princess ending
8/8/2013 c3 my princess ending
Hmm...so I made a mistake. The girl from English isn't Kara. I'm still dying to find out who Max is. I feel like I'll really like him because as explained, he was "high on life" and I like people that are happy.
I understand the title now. Since Reece took the advice Carson gave him, he stepped up a bit and started inserting himself between her and Landon. Yet, she doesn't realize it's her that he likes. I'm anxious to find out when Carson will start developing feelings for Reece.

With love,
my princess ending
8/7/2013 c2 my princess ending
I'm guessing the girl from English is Kara. But I'm still wondering who Max is. :)

With love,
my princess ending
7/25/2013 c4 cassiealan34
This is really good.
7/2/2013 c23 7KateMichelle54
I know I've reviewed before, but I just had to say again that I absolutely adore the story. The charecters, plot, pace, just all o it was so well done! I cannot wait for your nect update, though I get it's hard to pick up a story after a break.
By the way, when you're done with this story, as some sort of sequal or something, it would be really cool to read Madeline's paper, and maybe even Liam's apology.
Love the story!
6/28/2013 c23 3Alice Nguyen1
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST STOP HERE! This is like the most exciting part ever! You have got to continue this story, because I'm practically going to die if not!
Think you're the best ever!
6/8/2013 c23 serahei
Will this story ever find its continuation?
I loved this story most from all your others.
It's just so sad to never knew what is happening with Carson & Reese, especially after such a long suffering time for Reese to win and convince Carson's heart.
5/25/2013 c23 brinalovesyouxx
Oh my god. Just. Seriously, please finish this story! That was an enormous cliff hanger and now i wont be able to sleep know what happens next. Its killing me! This story is just that good :)) please finish this story asap :D xx
5/3/2013 c23 sallusocialites
Love this story
3/8/2013 c23 heathertricia
update pliz
2/4/2013 c23 7Amazinglily
dis story is amazing i decided 2 try it out wen i read Hooked on Him and Not Quite off the Hook as the title intrigued me now inoe i made the rite choice as i dont regret it cud u plz update just 1 more chapter u left the chapter at a cliffhanger so i think we deserve a new chapter pretty soon. ; ) Just so u noe that was an attempt 2 emotionally blackmail u actually i'm on my feet begging u 2 update pretty plzzz ;) :p
2/3/2013 c23 Littlechin
I love this story so much. Its a different perspective then usual stories in which the fact that the boy loving the girl is very vague and not apparently to the reader. The different point of view, from third person to first person for Carson create a tone that is different and makes her innocence and fragility endearing. I read this story in two days because i couldn't get enough of it. The crazy part is I love how you've had Carson grow up while Reece is in pain. It shows more development in her character and the fact she can't hide from the truth anymore. I hope you update soon or ya be breaking my heart!
1/19/2013 c23 Guest
WHY?! Why does EVERY good story end in a cliff hanger?! Its been like I think 2 months since you updated PLEASE do us lovely fans a favour and UPDATE can't stress it enough xxxx this is the FIRST time I've actually liked a story PLEASE update mwah mwah
1/19/2013 c23 Guest
PLEASE hurry up and update already ! PLEASE I want to know what HAPPENS!
12/15/2012 c23 stephyxo
I've spent my whole morning reading this and its such a cliffie sigh :(
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