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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

2/3/2011 c19 A Paper Airplane
YES! WO! They kissed! Now for Madeline and Liam then all is well!
2/3/2011 c19 topoly
2/3/2011 c19 xsweetxtartx
"So why won't you skip me?" is missing a 'with' i think..

and FINALLY, the moment we've all been waiting for ^^

didn't mind the cliffhanger this time since that was the perfect place to end it :)

update soon~
2/3/2011 c19 animegirl214

2/3/2011 c19 hashtag flawless remix
Finally he actually grew some balls! Oh my gosh, there has never been one story at all that has made me this mad. Seriously. Last chapter, I almost cried FOR Carson. This chapter, I was YELLING at them both! Goodness! And the cliffhanger? You mentioned you were getting some threats, and now you know you're just about to get another boatload of 'em!

Since I have no clue how to end this review, I'm just going to say I love this story and this is probably my favorite chapter :)
2/3/2011 c19 12All Over You
LAKSJDHLASJDNLNJ. That's about how I feel right now, lol. Totally feel for Carson though, finding out Reece loves someone else and then finding out that he lied. UGH. BOYS ARE SO STUPID. Good thing Reece made up for it at the end. All is right in the world.

2/3/2011 c19 love2read2
Finally! Honestly, I'm so happy that he finally made a move that I don't mind that you left us at a cliffhanger. I loved the way he did it too!
2/3/2011 c19 8Water Colours
I kind of


sort of



o -o
2/3/2011 c19 foodieriana
Ah! This cliffhanger is unbearable! I am so happy that Reece kissed her. I have been waiting for this day and I love Max! He can be my fictional best friend!
2/3/2011 c19 10StreetsOfGold
I LOVE YOU! I love you! I love you! I love you!... and I love Reece and Carson! Ah! Finally! They are so adorable it is sickening! :)
2/3/2011 c19 Pseudonym59
Hallelujah. Finally. This is seriously the moment we've ALL been waiting for. He kissed her! Yippee! I think it was Max that pushed him to, since he went up to him during lunch. Aww! Reece and Carson are so cute! Creece! Or Rarson! I'd hope that all the drama and theatrics are over, but I know they're not. :P

Liam and Maddie are also moving along now. I started giggling hysterically when he showed up at her doorstep drunk. Classy. And he called her by her nickname for the first time! Yay! They're cute together. :)

After a slew of sad, depressing chapters I guess this makes up for them all. *showers you with confetti*
2/3/2011 c19 Love Actually
phenomenal as always! omg i'm so happy it finally happened! i can't wait to see their reactions, or rather, specifically carson's reaction. i hope everything gets worked out soon! this is fantabulous. no words.

2/3/2011 c19 372898
Yay! Finally!
2/3/2011 c19 Josella

I checked your twitter a while ago and it said there, "Chapter 19 posted!" then I checked when you said it. It said 52 seconds ago, but I just checked your FP page and I didn't see it! So I refreshed your page like 24637829654378298473 times in a span of IDK 3 minutes? And I was so tempted to tweet you asking where is it because I can't see it, then I decided to click the story and reread the last chapter before waiting for the 19th chapter to show up. And then two beautifully simple things happened. I read the first paragraph, and realized it was Chapter 19 already. :)

I've been waiting for this for months now. I'm not good with reviews and such, so just..yeah, this is the longest review I've ever written. So yeah, I just really really like this.
2/3/2011 c19 2AndSoItBegins









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