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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

12/12/2010 c17 OMG
12/12/2010 c17 2bridgettblah
Ep xD Gosh, they are SO oblivious! Reece and Carson are like soo in love but they wont tell each other it drives me crazy xD Thats why I like this though...
12/12/2010 c17 2HelgaBertoni
Loved it, update soon!
12/12/2010 c17 SNOWBITCH2
o it was gorgeus i loved it i always love it i hope u have a great holiday to. just dont fail this semester i did almost and i got suspended long story keep safe and have a great holiday and dotn forget about us. or wait i just sah this LUCAS&SANDRA whats up with them i luvd them i luv reece tho idk ill look but yes dont forget about REECE&CARSON. :) LUV YA TOOTLS TTYL


12/12/2010 c17 Love Actually
this is fabulous! loved it! update soon!
12/12/2010 c17 animegirl214
! AH! I wish I had a friend like Max. My life would be wonderful if I did..., hahahaha

ah~ THanks for the chapter! Hope you update soon! Like., the day after Christmas? :D hahahha
12/12/2010 c17 2Magin 2152
*bites toung and holds in the erge as long as I can... gives up*

12/12/2010 c17 Pseudonym59
I know I've said this on every other chapter, but this is my favorite chapter! And next time you post, I'll have a new favorite chapter! I can't wait for Reece to reveal who his not-so-mystery girl is. I mean, it's pretty obvious, but it'll be nice to hear all the same. And I really want to see Carson's reaction... Unless next chapter ISN'T the Champoinship. Then :P. The story's going to go on even after the Champoinship right? Because Carson has some serious damage control to do afterwards. Poor Kara and Landon. :( They should get together.

On to THIS chapter. :) Funny how I've been talking about a non-existant chapter to begin with.

I hate Arianna with a burning passion. Idiot girl. Whether Carson the first, second, third or 70th girl Reece would ever want to be with, she'd still be ahead of Arianna. :P Stupid pig. I felt so bad for Carson! Seeing her crack was so upsetting! At least Max was there! AND HE STEPS OUT OF THE CAFETERIA! I laughed when Carson said that she didn't know that he existed outside the cafeteria. That was exactly my reaction. :) He's such a sweetheart!

Carson takes dense to a whole other level once again. Max told her that she was the girl, what else does she need? After this Carson needs to take a class on people. God knows she needs it.

I don't like this new edge between Carson and Reece. She's pushing him away and he's trying everything he can to bring her back. :( They were so close before. I guess they're still freakishly close now, but it's awkward.

Liam and Maddie are so adorable together. I love how he was jealous for a second there in the library! Maddie has little brothers? Cute! Maddie is such an original character (no sarcasm there. Seriously). She's semi-violent. :) Funny. I like the talk Maddie and Liam had. It makes Liam so much more human. I wish they'd kiss eventually. :)

One question: Was Tim's name Tom in the beginning, or no? It just confused me a little.

I love this story so much! It's not totally out there, but not repetitive either. :) Great job on this chapter! I can't wait until the next one!

Until then, Happy Holidays!
12/12/2010 c17 1checkyesdana
so so good! I loved it. Confessions seem close. I am so excited =)
12/12/2010 c17 A Paper Airplane
ALMOST TIME! Oh and hope you have a great holiday! Exams suck D:
12/12/2010 c17 2book-geek
This is deffinatly one of my fav stories :) I loove Reece and Carson! It would be kinda cool if Landon and Kara ended up together too :)

I liked Liams rant to Madeline. It gives him more depth, and actually seem more like a real guy.

Can't wait for more! :)
12/12/2010 c17 keary ance
I hope everything will be fine for Reece! GO REECE! FTW! :)
12/12/2010 c17 ebs12
ok, we all know who it is but the suspense is really getting to me. It's just building and building and Carson is STILL completely oblivious!

please make her wake up soon - pretty please with a cherry on top?
12/12/2010 c17 29Rynx-too-genki
OMG! 8D another totally awesome chapter! xD I'm dying for more!
12/11/2010 c17 sappyromancelvr
Kara is going to be heartbroken...yet, she probably knew it wasn't her all along. Hmm...I wonder how this is going to be resolved...
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