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for Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

12/29/2011 c22 mysterygirl124
This is AMAZING so far! Really like it a lot! Please update soon! :)
12/28/2011 c22 serahei
It's been 4 months since the last update.

I hope I'll be hearing some Carson-Reece's story soon.
11/19/2011 c22 dress
Aww, this story is too cute. I hope you update soon :)
11/8/2011 c22 dreams of paradise
Hi! I'm super in love with this story. It's amazing and quite possibly the greatest thing I've read on this site in a while. I've fallen in love with all the characters- it's impossible not to; they're adorable and hilarious and make for an amazing storyline.

I'm going through kind of the same thing right now. My best friend (Named Reese, actually) likes another girl (a lot) and I'm thinking I like him (a lot). I'm in a bit of a pickle. But this story rocks my socks. Legitimately.

Please update soon! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/8/2011 c22 the poison apple
Hey i absolutely love your story! Eeek! Fangirl squeal! Please please update soon, i cant wait :D sorry i was too lazy to sign in but that's my pen name up there. Cheers!
11/7/2011 c1 use.less.woman
This story is so sweet. I have read others similar, but this one takes the cake. The characters are adorable. Cant wait for another update!
11/2/2011 c22 y3nji
i love this story! I don't normally review but i totally love the chemistry between carson and reece. And this is the first story that I really love the side characters! Liam is totally the first playboy whom i love! He might seem like a jerk but then he's actually good, especially on the advice that he have to carson.

The pace of the story is tad slow and I wish that both reece and carson would have gone together sooner, but still, it's a great story! And please update, i'd love to hear from you again! :D
10/30/2011 c22 Random
... Yes she can. In fact, I think everyone will be a lot happier if Landon just goes on believing the lie. Hey, if she feels that guity, maybe she can go and explain to Kara about their relationship / love. But atlast, this is high school, and people don't always think. Love the story and the characters, very sweet and cute. Made me yell at the computer at some points, but in a good way :) you have an amazing talent and should be proud. Much love, from some random.
10/24/2011 c22 7Tabby24
I'm usually too busy to review, but oh my gosh, this story is absolutely amazing! I reaaaalllllyyyyyy hope you're able to update soon! I'm going crazy!


I know you started university, so you're probably hectically busy! So, no pressure, i know what that's like! {I'm not in university yet though, just in another country learning a new language and going to a new school etc...very time consuming! Although, i don't actually have to do any homework, so it's not really that bad...it would be if i understood it though! so ...oh man. I'm rambling.}

So. Update. sometime in the near/immediate future!

...Prettty please? WITH A CHERRY ON TOP? :D

Love from Danmark 3
10/22/2011 c22 VampBUNNIES
Ok i have been readig all your stories and they are just greatly amazing just to let you know! I just started reading this story and was WAY to eager to have time and tell you how great the chapter was. So i will just tell you now:) Love every part of it EVERY! you always seem to suprise me and make love this sory more:D So from keeping from getting a mob together i would PLEASE PLEASE write the next chapter soon!:] I mean you are an amazing and wonderful writer! It might all sound corny but thats just how good you are:] HURRY PLEASE!
10/19/2011 c22 15Noellesco
(I finally logged in! XD)

Anyway, I also forgot to mention that I absolutely adore Liam and Madeline's relationship. :) I definitely cannot wait until we find out what Liam's going to do. :D

Once again: Please update soon!
10/18/2011 c22 Mercuric Ink
I couldn‘t log onto Fiction Press properly so I‘m making do with this. That‘s my username if you are wondering or wanting to reply.

Anyway, I just have to absolutely tell you that you are hella amazing. This story had me hooked from the first sentence, I swear. I read everything on my phone (and am currently reviewing on my phone too, due to log in problems) and I even stayed up all night last night just to get to this point (I started reading this last night). I‘m a little miffed that you haven‘t updated in like two months but please consider updating soon! The suspense is killing me!

While I was reading, I did notice you made some minor spelling and grammatical errors but nothing that can be easily overlooked. Something that bothered me however was that you kept using “bare“ instead of “bear“ (I think it was around the part with their confessions); you also kept switching Mark‘s ‘twin‘s‘ name from Tom to Tim at the beginning; and I am fairly sure you called Tory ‘Torie‘ at some point. Other than that, your writing is wonderful.

Please update soon!
10/15/2011 c22 fisheye lens
I went through the entire story so quickly! it's so light-hearted and funny and with enough drama to keep me interested. I love Reece and Carson, but I adore Liam's story most of all. actually, I want to know what happens to Liam and Madeline, really.

Carson's emotions are perfect. the way she handles herself. the last scene with Landon was just so well-placed and perfect. I am somewhat rooting for Landon... most of all, I want Carson to be really, truly happy with THE person she chooses.

I hope you update soon. it's a really lovely story :)
10/12/2011 c21 ellaleigh
I've been trying really hard to refrain from reviewing until I've finished reading all the chapters... but I couldn't help it.

First of all, I think this story is SO ADORABLE. I instantly fell in love with the characters and their personalities. You have amazing characters. (I think it also has to do with their names. Some of my favourites!)

I only have 2 areas of critism.

1) I found the story got a little to.. boring around the middle. I almost stopped reading.. but couldn't because, to be honest, I wanted to see how Madeline/Liam played out... cause I knew that somehow Carson would get it through her thick skull. I really like how you did that though.. get Carson to realize. It was kind of perfect. I think that it should've been, maybe a bit earlier, by heh, that's just me.

2) Grammar! I totally understand though... you're under pressure to update, update, update! And obviously you don't write for a living (or you wouldn't be on fictionpress!) Usually I notice the errors, but just skim over them... but I couldn't let this one go. "'Don't worry, Carse,' he said quietly, lightly touching my waste in a way that nobody would really notice." Haha, I think you meant "waist" as in on her body... not "waste" as in garbage... or feces... I read it and all I could do was imagine Reece touching her, er, excrement! Haha. Not a pretty sight. Really creepy, actually..

I'm sure once you're finished, you'll go through and edit it! So really, both my critisms are useless... lol. Anyway, I love this story! :) It's beautiful. And your website is great! Although, the character pictures aren't all quite as you described the characters, but oh well.:)
9/16/2011 c22 CutieSOS
im so freaking excited for the next chapter!
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