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for I Reckon That The Vampire End Is Near!

9/29/2011 c1 VeryLovely
I'm glad someone is speaking up about this nonsense. I am so over the Twilight thing. It's time to move on.


P.S. Would you mind reviewing my story? I would really appreciate it. I'm also willing to return the favor. :)
3/6/2011 c1 40IttyBittyDice
I don't disaggree with you, as a great deal of the vampire stories are terribly cliche and a very large amount is, indeed, inspired by "Twilight" and lacks any true reason for existing beyond what is written on the lines directly.

However, I differ in opinion of what that reason should be. I, myself follow the belief of the guy who wrote my literature book,whom I fondly refer to as "prissy literature guy",that a story can be substantial without carrying a moral or lesson simply by having a consistent theme- Such as "reclusive people sometimes observe others and find interest in their lives through those they observe"-or several themes depending upon the story itself.

Also, I thinka story with an extremely flawed vampire suffering from a hopelss unrequited love for some almost perfect person(gender undecided) that somehow saves them from grave danger repeatedly and yet forgets their name and what they look like. It would also be fun if the vampire tried to get their attention a lot and either ended up falling for someone else(which, sadly, has become cliche in itself, but still thrills me greatly when it is used) or when theygot all dressed up the person hate them and ended up complaining about them to the not dressed up version, and slowly falls for them...really slowly...and have lotsa fun tiny moments as they slowly realize it. Could alsoadd a twist and make the other person a supernatural being of some kind, and have vampire either know that from the start, or have them not know and be surprised by it. I would like to read that actually...if you or anyone reading the reviews feels like writing it then they may as long as they credit me for the initial idea and send me a link to the story when it's written.
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3/26/2010 c1 Alaina S
This is actually a pretty good inspiring essay. I have to say I've decided to write something about vampires myself and I spent a lot of time Googling ways to make my story different and avoid cliches and Mary Sues. I'll keep your words in mind as I write. Thank you!
3/19/2010 c1 91EllieTheTwilightHater
Thank you! That was awesome, and I feel exactly the same! Those girls who are obsessed with Twilight only like it because they have no romance in their lives, and they probably won't if they continue to read it.
3/17/2010 c1 KonataIzumi1
I support you completely there. Preach it dear sister! or brother...Just preach!
3/17/2010 c1 17Essence of Hope
Oh my gosh, FINALLY! Someone on my side! This whole vampire-loves-girl thing is seriously getting on my last nerve! I know girls who are now so obsessed they seriously think love works that way. Man, get out of that fairytale! Love and romance is fine, but if your going to write it, you may as well make it realistic. Twilight and all those other vampire novels are over-rated. Period.


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