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for Lost Footsteps I've Misused

6/12/2010 c10 colourmyworld
Only 1 mistake I could see. :)

Youre so good at writing. SO good.
6/12/2010 c10 lanielucylou
I can't believe Sienna still has feelings for Spencer. Gah she had better not divorce Riley..oh look at me, getting all mad about Sienna and Riley when this whole story is mainly about their daughter..

Well I'm glad Ethan is starting to take a liking to Ariana, and of course she likes him too..does that mean a new romance scene is coming up? Hopefully?

Thanks for updating, loved the long chapter!
6/12/2010 c10 Smile When You're Sad
Amazing! I'n so desperate to find our whats wrong with Sienna! Update soon!

6/12/2010 c10 shoe-aholic
aww.. i really like ethan! i started reading this story before i knew about your other two stories that went with it so i dont know what happens in them... spencer is very intriguing... i really want to read the other two stories but if i start i know that i wont be able to stop for sure and i have exams on until june 28th so i have to revise and i have no self control so im not reading any completed stories atm, only updates =) i cant wait for exams to be over so i can go and read them! sienna has such a complicated life it seems... i liked this chapter, riley seems like a good guy too! i thought that maybe he was a bit scary before because of the way he was with ethan but this chapter explained that all! i REALLY want to read about riley, spencer and sienna's past dammit, =( but i know i cant cos you write really well and ill be hooked and i wont revise, urgh, this is so frustrating! UPDATE SOON! lol, im assuming you're asleep right now cos its probably night time where you live!

6/12/2010 c10 3dontneedyou
YAY for Christian, Jane and Amelia in this chapter! I sort of missed them, actually. I loved the whole chapter so, so much, mostly because of the interactions between Ariana and Ethan. ALLSO, it was funny reading Riley get put into his place. Still love him though, haha. I really miss him and Sienna in their teenage years.

The whole close to last part with Sienna thinking about everything was really sweet and sort of sad. I really liked reading that. It's really wonderful that they still love each other so much after those years. Usually married couples get sick of each other by then, but I guess this proves how much they really loved each other. YAY!

I can't believe Ethan still didn't figure out that Sienna is Ariana's mother. I mean, jeez man! So many opportunities. Anyway, I liked this side of Ethan. And Ariana showing that she's not so heartless. And yeah, I love Ethan's pov. Did I say that before? Yeah I probably did. :(

What else? I loved the way you ended the chapter! It was awesome. :) Anyway, I really need to go do things and soo imma end the review here. ALRIGHT HOMEGDOGFOSHIZZLE? K, I don't know what's wrong with me. Bye!

6/12/2010 c10 8SpasticLittleGirl
ABOUT TIME YOU UPDATED! I was wondering when you'd update. You haven't updated in such a long time I forgot the name of Sienna's daughter. I remembered Ethan and Ewan and Maxwell, but couldn't remember Ariana. That's shameful!

Yes, this one is alot more actiony. Very meaty and long :) I was half expecting Ethan to find out Sienna was Arie's mother. But ok. That can wait for the next chapter :)
6/6/2010 c9 7Scarlet Dawn
WOW! This is awesome. Ariana is definitely a character I've never had to chance to read through until now. Ewan is one son of a bitch :P And Ethan is one of those guys that are a little messed up yet he knows what's right and wrong. When he explained how he didn't believe in love, it kinda gave me a new perspective on the guy. He doesn't believe in it because no one has ever given it to him. He doesn't know what it is. And Ariana is a little different. She's rebellious and has pink streaks in her hair. She's lost her viginity and that is something for a girl. I find her attitute similar to mine a little. xD

Update soon!

~ Fia
6/4/2010 c9 lilaclia
SORRY. I'm SO late on this review - again. It's school, I swear. But anyways, onto the actual review. I really liked the first and seconds lines in this chapter. They were well-described and were well-written. I love reading how Ariana sees Ethan, it's pretty amusing. She's trying to deny any and all feelings of like/love or attraction towards the guy, but it's all inevitable for her. It's happening, whether she likes it or not. Ethan really actually cares for Ariana, you can tell by how he was actually talking to her, which is a lot of improvement from before, when he barely acknowledged her presence. The hawk analogy was interesting, it was different because you were talking about birds, but it worked and it definetly made Ethan a bit easier to understand. Well, that wallet obviously means a lot to Ethan, I wonder if he'll tell Ariana why ... Me and Ariana have that in common, we say a comment offhandedly, and people take it in a different way. In this case, Ethan offered her his jacket - which is a definite plus. That little offer kind of surprised me, sure he likes her, but reading from Ariana's POV it was kinda surprising, which is great. :D So, Ariana is in love with Drake but yet she still has a crush on Ethan, I wonder if this has been registered in her brain yet. And Drake and Ethan ... I seriously wonder if they'll ever meet, I can't even imagine how that will go. I adore all of your characters, honestly. Ethan especially, because he's so complex to me. He's more than a few words, but he's also less than that. I don't know why, but when I'm reading his POV - he's so simple and easy to read. But when it's not his POV, then he gets mysterious. I love him, he is GREAT. :D This chapter was NOT boring, for sure. I HATE YOU ... I can't predict much with this story :) I think drake will make a re-appearance, Ethan might try to talk to Ariana more, Ariana's going to get stuck in the middle of confused to the very least... I don't know what else XD

Anyways, GREAT CHAPTER, as usual. And I am sorry again for the very late review.
6/1/2010 c9 Hemii25
It's been taking me forever to write reviews. I think your chapters bias my writing. Maybe that's why I wait so long. It's like everytime I read your stuff, I feel like I should work a little harder on mine. This chapter was an uneventful one, but a good read too.

Ethan gave her his coat. I got this really obese Korean guy to do that for me in summer camp. His jacket smelled like cigarettes and stale cheetos. Not even the fresh kind, the stale kind. This goes to show what kind of hot stuff I can get to be chivalrous.

Ariana's WEIRD! I'm sorry she's just strangely bipolar. It's freaky. I could've sworn she was serious about flushing the wallet. Does that mean the picture is safe? And wasn't she furious with him last chapter?

What the heck happened to Drake? When will Ethan find out Sienna is Ariana's mommy. Hey, when you named Sienna did you know her name was a shade of brown?

I found millions of mistakes, but I'm too ladylike to make you feel bad about your imperfection. We can't all be as perfect as yours truly ha ha ha. I spaced out my Ha's because that's gramatically correct. :) Awesomeness chapter, i demand one soon.
6/1/2010 c9 12Bitterblue23
Ethan is soo ah-mazing! HAWT! XD I really like all the characters, and your writing is deffs not boring...btw.. PLEASE update!
5/31/2010 c9 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
awhh. he sounds HAWT! do you have pictures posted? you should :]

i liked this chapter. a lot, actually, keep on writing please. i like the cynicism..:)

5/31/2010 c9 21Uncle Rupert
hmm i wonder where this is going? enjoying the ride so far
5/31/2010 c6 Uncle Rupert
Is the killer mention in the hostipal going to turn out to be a) ariana 'real' father or b) Ethan's?

sorry wild guess here but i am i right? or just plain crazy? ;p
5/31/2010 c2 Uncle Rupert
Loving this.

you had a line i loved,

-she rattles through men like a conveyer belt in a Cadburys store flicks off chocolate bars-

but sadly it's completely wrong. If they flicked off chocolate bars like that my early school camps that somehow always ended in a visit to the cadbury's factory would have been soo much more enjoyable, mind you there boxes of rejected choccies were always worth while (they won't put them out if the label isn't right, what a waste but they sell them as seconds in the store yum cheap choccies ;p)

anyhoo loving this!
5/30/2010 c9 8SpasticLittleGirl
Honey your stories are never boring. This story is just a bit slower than the first 2. BUT ITS OK. Coz I love Ethan just as much as Riley...actually...No, I don't think I can love anyone more than Riley. AND WHAT ABOUT SPENCER? SPENCER. MAXWELL. Wait...yeah, this is the right story.

I KEEP GETTING YOURS MIXED UP WITH HEMII'S == I need to make myself a chart or smth...
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