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for Lost Footsteps I've Misused

3/20/2010 c1 4The Gentleman's Pirate
i'm confused...:(
3/20/2010 c1 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
This is an interesting start. So the girl they are talking about is Ariana, Sienna's daughter? I like this so far. I hope you can continue again soon!
3/20/2010 c1 3dontneedyou
Oh, god, after all the things that Ariana's parents went through for her. Or...more what Sienna had to go through. And she thinks her mother is a controlling bitch? Oh, teenagers these days. Kinda makes me feel bad for hating on my own mother.

I don't like Ariana's personality atm, but maybe that's just me. Maybe if I got to know her more in the next chapters, it will all be good. I'm kinda quick to judge. She seems funny though. Like those girls that don't give a shit about what the other girls think, and I like that about her.

I'm happy that the other story isn't completely over though. Even if this one is about Ariana, there will still be some Sienna/Riley going on, right? Because to be honest, I miss them already. :) This story is going to turn out really good, I can tell. Because you're a wonderful writer.

3/19/2010 c1 6nfgcassie
oo i was actually hoping for an arie story! Why must you read my mind?
3/19/2010 c1 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Nice start. Can't wait to read the rest. update soon like usual :)
3/19/2010 c1 9arsenic3
wow...ariana is quite the character...srry i have to go study for my exams(starting monday)
3/19/2010 c1 8SpasticLittleGirl
What do you mean Ariana isn't her mother? OF COURSE NOT. This story is about Arie. So Sienna's her mother. And Riley is her father. RIGHTT?

Oh, I like it. She's following in her mother's footsteps. Sort of... *looks at title* Yeah, I know. I'm slow. But I'm fast at reviewing! *looks at number of reviews* 5TH REVIEW! :D
3/19/2010 c1 10Sorraya T
woah total change to sweet little Arie right there! haha I like it. but it'll take a while to get used to! :)

im willing to wait!

:) too soon for a rant, but as soon as I start to see where the plot is, I'll get right into it! promise:)
3/19/2010 c1 29litgrl-luna
i love you for th semi-threequal/spin-off
3/19/2010 c1 4LaMeO1
hahaha she definitely isn't her mother

but what's up with Sienna? gone overprotective mother i get it to a point but i figured she'd also be understanding enough for her daughter to want to talk to her.

sounds like ewan is like her father/alex

but ethan...is different

and so it begins...or continues...

update soon!

3/19/2010 c1 Hemii25
Aw you suck! You totally ruined the name Ewan for me. Ewan McGergor from moulin rouge is like the awesomest guy ever, but this Ewan in your story is a total douche! I kinda see the similarities you pointed out between this story and mH&N 1st chapter, but they're not obvious. Arianna is comical! She needs her own TV show. And "Fuck me sideways"? That defies the laws of physics. Ahaha, can;t wait for more.
3/19/2010 c1 colourmyworld
Oh wow.

I dont like this road of her being a bad girl.

But like i said, I dont have much of a say.

ANYWAY. I'm fine with it :D

I love you. very berry much.
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