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1/22/2011 c16 148tangledwebweweave
hey, hey, hey! :)

sorry, i've been completely busy. hope all is well, i miss your writing! i'm sorry you don't have any reason to write for a while (you know what i mean) and i feel completely the same-i haven't written in a long time. (i wrote a full book this summer and they rejected me for a contest and i haven't written songs/poems in ages!)

anyways, this chapter was crazy! the name of it is exactly, EXACTLY MY LIFE. (pm me if you wanna know)

about the chapter: i DEFINITELY think ariana and ethan are getting closer (yay!) and i really want them to be together. i really hope this talley thing isn't serious, because, honestly she has done enough damage (she DID introduce ariana to drake, right? haha) and she's a mean person. i absolutely think that ewan deserved that kicking to, although i don't know why he wanted to kill her. i forgot. maybe we'll find out all the details later. speaking of, please, please, please, PLEASE tell us what's up with sienna! i really want to know! and nothing from them in a while, btw. i think this was a successful chapter (except i wanted them to kiss!) and i'm a bit confused to why ariana cares that ethan is a ex-druggie. so, good luck and take your time with the next one-we're all busy here! xoxo, tw

p.s. here are your quotes!

-It was hard not to feel sorry for Ariana, even if she did think that she was so tough that she didn't need anybody. Everybody needs somebody. Nobody's really an island. I guess I was beginning to learn as much for myself.

-That look in her eyes got me somewhere deep inside.

-When the bell rang my friends and I didn't bother waiting to file out row by row, we just got up and left, ignoring the teachers agitated shouts. It was almost fun to annoy them that much.

-Ariana raised a finger at Ewan's face, she looked so threatening, pulled to her full height, and her eyes dark with anger. In a way I wanted to stand in her line of sight and calm her the fuck down, but I was kind of afraid that her anger would be redirected straight at me.

-Something sunk down through the bottom of my stomach. Could that really be my heart?

-Blind fury erupted in my brain, and brought red and orange into my eyes. It was as though the world had suddenly been lit on fire, and was burning strongly around Ewan.

-"Yeah?" miserably, my voice cracked. Damn, I thought I was well beyond that stage puberty.

-I instantly regretted the how harsh my tone was as she looked back up again. Her eyes were shining with the glow of the sun, and the hurt I'd just inflicted with my one word. I cursed beneath my breath. "I'm sorry," she whispered, looking to move. It took all of my mental strength to do it, but I reached out and grabbed her right hand in my left before she could retreat away.

-With a grave sigh – which seemed to be edged with needlepoints – she let her head fall against my shoulder. I hadn't realised how extremely close we were until she so simply did that movement, like a puzzle piece just slipping into place.

-"Fuck." I said aloud. I hated how even though this girl was standing in front of me, admitting that I had sex with her two years ago, even though I could barely recall on it, all I could think about was Ariana. How I wished it was her who I'd fucked as a mistake, so then it wouldn't hurt her like this. I didn't want to be tied to Talley like that, she was my first experience. Ariana's ex-best friend was the one I lost my virginity to.

-I took in a sharp breath, trying to catch myself before I fell into my bottomless pit of unmoral vices, and addictions again. It was harder than ever to not want to find the nearest drug dealer, and get myself a hit or ten so I could just get the hell away from this crappy excuse for a reality.

I wanted Ariana; I'd nearly had her.


We'd been about to kiss, on the verge, then Talley came along, and pulled up things from the past that completely abolished anything that could have been between Ariana and I. All that I could imagine myself wanting in the here and now in the future.

She may have been in love with me, but I doubted Talley really knew what that meant at all.
1/15/2011 c16 8SpasticLittleGirl
Woah...Talley... O_O
1/14/2011 c16 Alanisaur
Dont forget to update this one!
1/14/2011 c16 lindallama

but but but ethan and ariana end up together right..? :(
1/14/2011 c15 lindallama
aw :(

i hope drake doesnt just want her for sex...
1/10/2011 c16 The Imagination Addict
Hey! Truth be told, I almost gave up! But, I remembered how FANTASTIC your writing is, and came to check the story anyway :) The flow of your language is superb, as usual. Thanks for the small plot recap at the top. Without it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this chapter. As it is, just those few lines in recap helped me recall other stuff. So, thanks, really. P.S. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but, GO PUBLISH! xD And goodness, your twist with Talley… that was really good.
1/10/2011 c1 8mykes
"The bus slew to our stop..." I don't think 'slew' is a word.

Otherwise, I don't really know how long I've been reading your stories. I think I remember reading the first few chapters of TLIW in 2009, but then I forgot to bookmark it, and completely forgot about it (not because it wasn't memorable, because it certainly was). A year later, I stumbled across it at 2:AM in the morning, so I fully blame you for depriving me of sleep with your frigging words and friggin plots and frigging characters (who needs those things anyway?). Oh, and then I saw that you posted a sequel, so I read that too, but halfway through I just suddenly stopped reading. When I went back to it a few months later, I forgot pretty much everything that happened, and I wanted to refresh my memory by turning to the first instalment, but it turned out that you took it down to have it re worked or edited for whatever reasons you had (which for the record, was completely unnecessary-it was perfectly flawed before). Then I just sucked it up and clicked on this story after lots of procrastinating, and I found that I didn't need to know much about what happened in the prequels; you created this whole new story and plot with this new generation of characters that are so original and real (in lieu of 2D artificial characters), that I'm actually reaching into the far corners of my mind and reviewing on the first chapter. It's hard, you know, for me to write this, because I have so much to say and I never have enough time or words to say it.

ANYWAY (wow, way off track there), my point is that since I keep coming back, no matter what drags me away in the first place, there must be a reason why. I then decided to come up with a perfectly logical and awesome explanation, and that is that YOU'RE A HIGHER BEING. And okay, maybe that's a little farfetched, but the idea does sound appealing, huh? Because I have no other explanation behind your awesomeness. If I could be bothered to, I would make you a shrine. But that would take time and effort. Maybe I'll just draw you one, with crayons and everything.

Well, in any case, don't stop what you're doing. And what are you doing, anyway? When people ask you what you write about, do you reply, 'Hookers, homos, teen pregnancies, suicide and rainbows.' Because honestly, looking back, I do have to wonder what goes on in your head...
1/9/2011 c16 1violet-eyez
no they were so close now it's all gone
1/8/2011 c16 galafael too lazy to log in
OMG, you have to continue this right away! I would like for Ariana to punch Talley in the face, or for Ethan to reject her and break her heart the way she did Ariana's. I know the first won't happen...that's just not Ariana. But I'd love to see the second one happen...especially if Ethan rejects her by saying "Sorry, but I love Ariana."
1/7/2011 c16 1C.S. Johnson
Yes, first story of yours I've read. There are others that have them? :D I shall make sure to check 'em out later. (I should be doing my homework, but sh.)

Good point on the Drake issue. I just say that because I'm impatient for the couple I want to get together (Ariana/Ethan) to get together already, and Drake's obviously in the way of that, that prick. :I

I figured it'd be like that. [reads new chapter] HOLY CRAP, THAT BASTARD! I HAD A BAD FEELI-UGH! I'd have done the same exact thing Ethan did. D:


[deep breath] Anyways... where was I? Oh, right.

Haha, that would be because it WAS sleep-deprived garble. :D You were about to get one that was food-deprived garble (yes, I have that one too; they're quite similar), but I figured I'd eat first before I replied to anything. :P


1/6/2011 c15 C.S. Johnson
Well, hm, I don't really quite know what to say... I liked Riley and Sienna, and Ethan to a degree, but mostly just Riley and Sienna. Can't say I like Ariana much, and obviously the other characters even less. I'd have liked it much better had she egged Drake's house too. I was honestly expecting that, but it didn't happen. Instead she had sex with him, so I was like, "What the fuck?" But I guess. I don't really understand her.

Was it Molly who started the fire? It's not like there were any other characters introduced, really.

And well, actually, I was probably go on to commenting on everything I could think of (how ironic, seeing as I started this off by saying that I didn't know what to say), but well, it's 7AM, and I haven't gotten any sleep yet, and I tend to babble when I'm in a situation like this. So babble I've been doing. But well, I'll be nice now and shut up. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Update soon, please. Kthx. :)

12/20/2010 c15 148tangledwebweweave
okay, wow. i totally apologize for not reviewing sooner. btw, what happened to chapter 16?

if it helps, i left this open (for like a long time, like 2 weeks) and my computer froze and i had to re-start it. haha.

anyways, this chapter (although i read it like two weeks ago) had a lot of depth and surprises and you know i love it. i can't believe she just slept with drake (AGAIN) after he was all drunk and stupid and a bad boyfriend to her. she needs to get with ethan. he was probably just being stupid as usual (all boys are) and screw her friend, i hate people like that. (personal exp)

i hope everything's going well and sorry this review is crappy/stupid/short/very delayed/etc., but here are some quoteies i loved! (hopefully that'll make up for it) hey, i'm on winter break and i don't wanna do anything that might involve school, haha. PLUS, i'm getting my wisdom teeth out soon :( *cries* xoxox, TW

well, here you go:

-How could anything be right when every part of my body wanted Ethan, when my best friend hadn't even talked to me since the ordeal…when nothing was together to be close to right?

-I leant back into my seat, trying to pretend that my insides weren't in knots.

-Kellie made sure to make a cruel remark of hers able to be heard by me. It gave me this incredibly strong desire to turn around and punch her in the face – I tried to ignore the impulse as best I could.

-When he slid into his seat he also grabbed my hand under the desk, which in one way, made me feel all warm and tingly inside. In another way it was making me so sad that I couldn't embrace whatever this was with both arms.

-Walking into class turned out to be just as dramatic as I had hoped it would be, my hair blowing in my eyes, my heart racing, time warping…and my foot running into the doorstop and sending me spiralling to the ground.

-All I could seem to do was put my head in my hands and silently let a few of those horrible things, of which I refuse to call tears, slip through the gaps.

-There was a satisfying crushing noise as it made contact with something solid, and I swiftly reached for a second. It felt so round and perfectly destructive.

-Only, it wasn't enough when he was asleep, sprawled over one side of his bed, while I tried to hold myself together…it didn't work in quite the way I hoped. I wasn't tipsy anymore, I was feeling all of those crammed in emotions, and I was feeling them tenfold. My eyes fogging with tears that began to tumble and patter into the sheets beside our naked bodies, and once they started, there was no stopping them.
11/23/2010 c15 3Nytlover
depressing much? anyway, i love this, now all she has to do is run to ethan or something...
11/23/2010 c16 12Bitterblue23
That GOD! I almost died! LFIM Withdrawal!
11/22/2010 c16 10Sorraya T

I have missed it heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps!

hope your exams went well! I did absolutely AMAZINGLY in my maths exam! I think it was my best effort ever!

Heh, didya catch the sarcasm?


Because I'm that smart :P

But I'm sure you will be a genius and ace all of yours!
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