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11/22/2010 c16 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
YOUluckybutt. But hey, I'm in the middle of Thanksgiving Break :D I should be writing right now... O.O Ah well. Have fun with your exams ;D I really should NOT be talking. I'm procrastinating as we type...


*Rant Complete*
11/22/2010 c16 Hemii25
Oh screw you with your off putting author's notes! I got excited for NOTHING!
10/28/2010 c15 4Garneau
I forgot how much I enjoyed this story.

Not to mention, I forgot how good a writer you are.

This is such a destructive chapter, and so beautfully written. The emotion is so present and Arianna's world just seems to be crumbling around her. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Update Update Update!


10/28/2010 c14 Garneau

Sorry about the review delay. This is a really well written the chapter. It shows such a raw and destructive side of Ethan that was mostly hidden before.

The conversation between Ethan and Riley is so beautifully written. It is simply amazing writing, filled with emotion, passion and understanding.

There is just so much going on in this chapter. It’s brilliant.

10/14/2010 c15 Alanisaur
Ahh, Poor Arriana! Why would everyonr treat her like that? Thats so sad!
10/6/2010 c15 3dontneedyou

K, so your writing is really fucking amazing. Yup just wanted to get that all out in the open and stuff.

Anyway, moving on; this chapter was incredibly sad. Like, really sad. I just feel bad for Ariana, but you make your characters just so damn relateable that you can't help to get sucked in and love it. I'm seriously in love with your characters, don't know how you do it but it's amazing. Talley is pissing me off though! I used to love her. I don't even fully comprehend the way shes acting like that though...Explain it to me?

I had a really fucked day today. Did some shit and other crap and I don't feel like myself if that makes sense. But I dunno, I guess I feel a bit better now...your story kinda calmed me LOL. Anyway, loved the chapter, can't wait for the next!


10/2/2010 c15 9arsenic3
Hello, remember me? Maybe not, but good job with this story though. We haven't seen much of Max, but I thought with Spencer's release from prison there was going to be a bit more drama with the truth about Max's dad, and in about who Sienna loves more or less or whatever. Kay I'm probably confused cause Im nearly done with school and my brains too tired.

ANyway good luck!
10/2/2010 c14 148tangledwebweweave
okay. this chapter was EVENTFUL. i read it in the library when i had a break at school and they were shutting down the library and i was like, "I ONLY HAVE THE LAST PART!" haha

i think there's a lot of depth into ethan's emotions and WHY exactly he's going to therapy (because that was never mentioned) and i didn't realize how much he was like riley in that sense until you connected them. i thought he was going to therapy because his mom is a b. but i guess not. so interesting.

btw, i completely and utterly love riley and his devotion to sienna. it's really connecting the stories together and how they have progressed. you know?

and i was totally (silently, of course-in the library!) screaming at the computer because i wanted to know what was going on with her. that's GREAT she's pregnant (aww, they were trying for another!)...but i totally think there's something going on OTHER than that. please, please, please, PLEASE don't make her die in childbirth. i'll never forgive you.

i think a and ethan's relationship is starting out like sienna and spencer's and i think it could really, really work out and he really cares about her (unlike the prick that she's "dating").

i wonder what's gonna happen! i don't have time to read the next one, but i promise i will! and, i did the quotes. i'll PM them to you. love you too! you're such a sweetie. and i don't mind the wait. we're all busy and you make it worth it. you're welcome, and pies are amazing. haha.

xoxo, tw
10/2/2010 c15 1violet-eyez
will we find out who set the fire?
10/1/2010 c15 12Bitterblue23
I really like this. I mean it really annoys me how everyone treats Ariana, and I REALLY don't like Drake...But I LOVE the way you write...Like the way everything is connected, like with Ewan and Drake, and how Ethan meets Janey and Christian, and things like that. And everything is so kind of proper, like the way the sentences are structured and stuff. Oh, and Ethan? God...XD Ariana HAS to end up with Ethan. And I don't get what's with Talley? But God, if that was my friend...You really kind of force a lot of emotion into your writing, which makes it all the more interesting to read. Yep. I guess I should stop now... Love your work!

Toby XD
9/28/2010 c15 The Imagination Addict
Hey! ive really enjoyed ur story so far! keep writing it! im dying to c arie n ethan get tgr. i hv t say ur character development is astoundingly great! theyr real ppl w real issues. kudos! ur really talented n hv insight! :)
9/28/2010 c11 The Imagination Addict
hey this chpt is REALLYgd! i really admire how u keep things moving! nvr a boring chpt. kudos!
9/28/2010 c8 The Imagination Addict
O.M.G. Ur a freakig good writer u noe that? THIS. IS. QUALITY. STUFF. ur subtlety is there. in language, in thoughts. awesome work.
9/27/2010 c1 The Imagination Addict
i have to say this is an AWESOME start to the story. it really gets ppl's attention n keeps them reading. im looking forward to reading the rest of ur story! cos it looks like there's gonna be action!
9/27/2010 c15 sez
that was so painful, i really felt for her this chapter :(

i still love ethaan
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