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6/1/2010 c14 Fay
Woman! When I begged you to post this chapter, you strictly forbade it, and then you go off and do stuff like this. NOT COOL!(although, I'm happy that you post it earlier than you usually do and made your fans happy). At least you could have given me a heads up! I really wanted to be the 100th review, but since you already HIT your target and got ABOVE it: Well done! See! I told you that you could do it. I'm proud of you
6/1/2010 c14 Caelynn
Wow, Ghandi not doing it for her anymore? I love how Daniel is so spontaneous. And it's about time they kiss, geez. :) I hope it's Adam that punched him. Funny.
5/31/2010 c14 6EmmaWoodhouse88
Who punched him? Was it her brother? It would kind of make sense if it was. I'm glad he kissed her, even though it will probably complicate things. lol. Why did he ignore her? I can't wait to see what happens next!
5/31/2010 c14 truebleu
It was Adam who threw the punch and the prick he talked about was Daniel.

I love this story, continue as soon as possible please.

5/31/2010 c14 snexy
I loved it. YES, GREAT:D
5/31/2010 c14 lover of all written
5/31/2010 c14 deryyn
OMG! That was the best chapter yet! It's great that Olivia and Daniel are talking to each other and the way you wrote the kiss scene was also great! I also have a feeling that the person who punched Daniel in the end was Adam and I can't wait till the next chapter!
5/31/2010 c14 A.Marie.D
OMFG! WHO THE HELL -excuse me- PUNCHED DANIEL IN THE FRIGGIN FACE? I bet it's Adam! XD Or or or, I dunno... o.o Well love this story! Its really great! :D Cant wait til the next one :D
5/31/2010 c14 10HoodedStellaish
Being me, I'll get to the critique and then my reaction to the ending.

Once again, let me know if this gets cut off!

::He was probably the most handsome guy I had ever seen, face to face - and I'm not counting the guys on the television, because when will I ever meet them? - He was just so damn good looking and I felt like a fool for not realizing it before.:: The dashes. See, dashes (I know they have another name but it escapes me - DON'T JUDGE ME) are very tricky. I'm not sure if it was a typo or what, but this confused me. I suggest to change it, try making the second "he" lower case, because that really threw me off. Plus you don't put the dashes after a period. And, you really didn't need to cut that sentence short, it would have been fine as one sentence.

I'm in a rush, (-.-) so please excuse my massive issues!

::And then five or ten minutes later, we parking.:: Just a type. "We *were* parking."

Okay, so my reaction to the kiss - "YES!"

The punch - WHAT THE *

5/31/2010 c14 gracie-p
I love it! They kissed! Update soon, I really wanna know what they end of this chapter was all about ;)
5/30/2010 c13 6EmmaWoodhouse88
That is so sad. What is up with Daniel? I can't wait to see what happensnext!
5/29/2010 c13 Caelynn
Lenny the Fenny? WTF.
5/29/2010 c13 lover of all written
5/29/2010 c13 snexy
I can't wait for the next chapter !:D
5/28/2010 c13 10HoodedStellaish
My reviews have been getting cut off, so if that happens, I have this review on a document, which I can PM to you. Just let me know.


That girl, with those glasses.I have almost never been able to wake up, all by myself it always has to be somebody else, shaking or pouring some water on me.Adam could suck up to a teacher, like no one else.and me being stupid, thinking that she didn't hear me, whispered that she could have fooled meMany people saw it as girly sport, just some bunch of giggling girls with their miniskirts flying here and there, while the guys watched their bodies like it was the best meal on the menu. Though, the last part, I agreed with. The guys - in my school, at least - ogled the cheerleader's body as if the cheerleaders were preys, and the best kind.he would be sitting with her on the coachLena was curios. "No, what?"I'm going out with," Kathryn whispered. "Leonard, you know, Lenny the Fenny?", 'you wanna go out with me' and I was like 'depends on what you're buying' and he was like 'for you darling, I'd buy the moon' Even if it hurt. It hurt a lot. What hurt even more was that I had admitted liking him. Not to him - oh no - but rather to myself. When I had that conversation with my mother, things just clicked. The way I was acting, the way he could make my heart speed up, the way I missed him when he was away. It all had an explanation, so simple that I thought I was stupid for not thinking about it before. Perhaps I was just scared. Yes I was. My last crush was in the seventh grade, and it hadn't gone well. I felt like everybody knew that I liked someone, even though I hadn't even told it to a living soul. So, it was just a crush and I needed to get over it. And that fast, because him ignoring me made my heart clench.
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