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9/12/2022 c2 Im
Hi! Just wanted to say that your story is still alive in my mind and I miss it... Hope you are well, dear author!
3/5/2018 c12 Guest
Soo I... Uh... Think it's safe to assume that you aren't updating this? Well, this was a good story nonetheless and I'm glad it's out there in the world for losers like me to read in their spare time. Thanks for writing this!

1/27/2017 c12 im
Still me and still not giving up! Most importantly, I hope you are alright and everything is going well. Secondly, it turns out that I'm still in love with your story even after all this time, haha.
All the best, Alkedema! :)
7/5/2016 c12 chris.antha
It looks like it's been a while since this story has been added to - I hope you are still writing it! I would love to read more of the characters.
11/23/2015 c12 Kat
Hi Alkedema. This is more than likely much too late to be any kind of relevant, but you asked for a Greek K name. How about Katharos, it is Greek for "pure", or Katharizo, which means something more like "purge" in the same language. The story is cute, it sticks too close to genre tropes in some places and Juliet feels like an idealized damsel but it is quite enjoyable. If you're still writing, keep it up! Good luck with whatever it is you're doing and thanks for sharing your story with the internet.
2/8/2015 c12 im
Hello, dear Alkedema! I just dropped by to wish you all the best for this year (so extremely late, but it's always better than never) and to obviously check for an update..Eeh! I really hope that you are alright wherever you are and that nothing went wrong!
As always, I will continue to come back to this story.
Take care,
A faithful reader
6/3/2014 c1 Okkkbye
I love this story! It's so beautifully written. Can't wait for the next update :-)
4/30/2014 c12 Mrs Sorbo
very nice
4/16/2014 c12 im
Please do not give up on this great story.:D
12/24/2013 c12 im
Hello! I know it's been a few months already, but I am not going to annoy you with how much I would like you to update. No, I actually just want to wish a "Merry Christmas" and also a" Happy New Year"! Good luck with everything! :)
7/17/2013 c12 linkaz1220
This is so good... i couldn't review in the other chapters because i wanted to find out what happened. I'm so happy Juliet accepted Marcus. But it tore my heart when he thought she was going to leave him... i literally felt the same pain as him. Its scary how you authors can put so much emotion into the story and have it effect me the way that you guys can. God i cant wait for the next chapter.
3/10/2013 c12 im
First of all,Congratulations for everything!I'm really glad to hear from you and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!
Thank you very much for trying to make place in your busy schedule for this story!It seems that despite the long time,I haven't forgotten about Marcus and Juliet at the contrary,they really grow on always,I love the pace of the relationship and the way they interact with each ,the beast Marcus is so bloody cute and clueless-i hope he'll get more screen time :) pretty please.
I wish you good luck in everything and do not worry about on your life and only when you have time get back to this wonderful story.
A faithful reader
3/9/2013 c12 2Clouded and Instincts
I am so glad you have finally updated! I was so happy that I spent today and yesterday rereading this wonderful story before I read your most recent chapter. I just adore how sweet Marcus is and his chivalrous ways. Although Marcus is the Prince of demons residing in North America, I, for some reason, envision his last name with a bit of a European ring to it. I don't know, maybe it's just me lol. Anyways, Kaiser, Knight
Knightley, Kane, Kain, and Kaisen. I can't think of anymore right now, but when I do, I will let you know.

Congratulations on your marriage and I hope to hear from you again soon,

Clouded and Insticts
3/7/2013 c12 3bloodlore
Awesome! Not much else to say. Enjoyed reading it. I don't care how long you take to update, I'm just happy that you do!
12/24/2012 c11 im
Heyya,just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!:)
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