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for And In Your Dream of Darkness

9/3/2012 c16 anotherperson
That was...amazing.

There's really nothing else to say.
7/21/2011 c3 29Drew1331
Haven't had much time for reading, but I am going to try to read as much of it as possible over summer. so far I love the story. really wished something better would have happened to Ambrose, because of everything that happened to him, but I guess in real life this stuff does actually happen. 10/10!
6/10/2011 c2 Drew1331
Love the book so far, I haven't been on for ages and thought i might look up and long horror story to read and yours was the one i picked. I am only two chapters of the way through, but i love the story already. I have only ever been this into a book when i was reading Darren Shan's vampire and demon series. Don't have time to read more at the moment, but i will as soon as i have some free time. 10/10 love it!
7/16/2010 c1 colormegone
Your writing is impressive. Violent, but I suppose expected it. For all you're talk of it being fictional, there's an awful lot of references to other people in your dedication. In any case, well written story. I'm enjoying it.
7/14/2010 c1 216angels know the rest
How has no one reviewed this story yet? I suppose on a website with this much content, the great stuff can easily be overlooked...and it appears that's what's happened here. The first few paragraphs alone attest to the quality of this story, which will take me a little while to read through in its entirety, but I will certainly return to read through another chapter when there is more time.

The summary really piqued my interest, and Ambrose is turning out to be a fascinating character. I liked Christy, and am saddened that he didn't end up with her, at least in this first chapter, and now I wonder if she will turn up later. The end, with Kenyon and Thad, is just heartbreaking. I loved the line, "He drank until he could no longer lift the bottle," as tragic as it was. I can't wait to come back and finish the rest.

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