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for Z: Geometry

8/24/2003 c4 43Loki Freyjasson
i think this is brilliant! i take my hat off to you.

Loki Freyjasson
3/8/2002 c4 The God of Angst
Wow, this almost gets me liking math! Almost. Not quite.
12/24/2001 c1 74Yelen
Oh, my god...that was amazingly beautiful. I can never look at Maths classes the same again. It's so incredible that you can dabble with the boredom that's geometry and create something so intricate and truthful and POETIC. God, I'm so impressed, I don't have the right words to properly convey to you the full extent of my awe. This is just really, really brilliant. My favourite line: "We are as perpendicular lines, Doomed to meet only once". fantastic work.
10/9/2001 c4 69Lowell Boston
Words from the thick of things. I remember finals all too well. I actually aced geometry, but trig was a differnt monster all together. Like the metering you achievd just by the use of the word - Blink. It works wonderfully to halt and visually center your poem. Fantastic anthology you have here, and a rarity on Fanfiction. Keep writing.

10/9/2001 c3 Lowell Boston
Time is a hard and elusive subject to render in poetry. Currently my next poem deals with this subject, though in a slighty differnt way. Well done - Time rendered as a poetic self-portrait, mysterious yet evident. Lowell
10/9/2001 c2 Lowell Boston
Passionate and frantic. I like the agressive tone and pace of this poem, especially this line - Lateral lacerations full of teeth A reflection of my deathly grin . . . - really visual, like Einstein and poetry. If you get a chance check out a book called Einstein's Dreams. Several of the chapters may resonate with you. Lowell
10/9/2001 c1 Lowell Boston
Beautiful! Your meter here is wonderful, as are the creative use of math and emotion. I especially love the way you connect the first and last lines - Love stretches on into infinity - and - We are as perpendicular lines, Doomed to meet only once And then forever canvass our planes Noncollinear, and alone. Very poignant. Lowell
8/25/2001 c1 1Skade
*singsongs* Has SOMEbody been studying a little toooo harrrrrdddd for a geometry test? lol, don't mind me. It's awesome that you can even do this. I know I can't... on my faves... -=Skade
5/26/2001 c3 1Claire Julius
*gasps* Dobby knew Gileonnen was a poster of great insight on the Harry Potter, but never that they wrote poems of such brilliance, such wit, such equalness and congruenceness! Dobby is impressed indeed!
5/20/2001 c3 feedmeseymour
*has nothing to say except that it was good* ^-^
5/20/2001 c2 feedmeseymour
Death by math...ancient concept...Wha?...ok, I guess you're being added to my favs, the boxes were just checked...I loved this one! *has disturbing obsession with writings on this topic*
5/20/2001 c1 feedmeseymour
That is good...you getting a good math grade? hee. I kinda like math...geros fun. =P
5/9/2001 c1 50orriel
hehe...I hate math, even though I'm good at it, though I LOVE to write. I really liked this! It's unique, I don't think many people include geometric terms in their poetry :D Keep up the good work!
5/9/2001 c1 9Lamont1
Very cool, and don't give up hope. There's always hyperbolic geometry.

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