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4/14/2016 c3 Guest
10/14/2010 c3 1Rae Kitano
I loved the first paragraph of your story. It was written beautifully.

Looking forward to where your story goes from here, now that Willian knows that Jack is in love with him.

6/12/2010 c3 1xxkoeiaddictxx
I am hooked up on this story. Please update soon. Thanks.
5/18/2010 c3 3CosmicLove

Please write more and more and more.

I love this so much the characters are funny I want Jack, I have a thing for Art students ^_^

Seriously this looks like its going to just get better and better.
4/17/2010 c3 54big.break.and.laryngitis
This story just makes me smile :D I really like your characters and the simplicity of their dialogue and everything. Like. I don't know. A lot of people (including myself, sometimes -_-) tend to stray from the fact that gay or not, boys are still boys. They're not little girls in disguise. And that's what you do very well: You make them men. They don't have long, heartfelt speeches. It takes them a while, but eventually they understand what's going on from the things that aren't said. And I really like that about them. The one section that really made me happy was the "Hey," "Morning, Will." And that's all they said, but it just seemed so sweet to me for some reason. Very, very cute :D

I really like this a lot! Can't wait for more!

On a side note... YES. OMG. SUPERNATURAL. Did you SEE it Thursday? *runs around like a maniac* BAHH. My friends and I were all sitting there crying, and then like twenty minutes later we were jumping around and hugging each other. God. Supernatural is like, "Hey, let me just give you the biggest mood swings ever." and we're like, "Oh, thanks."

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Gah. Yes. I have like ten Alec/Magnus oneshots on fanfiction because they are seriously my OTP. Like, I can say what I want about Brian/Justin and Dean/Castiel (lol), but Alec/Magnus will always be my favorite. Forever.

My friend and I started re-watching QAF last night from the beginning. I forget how much I love Brian until I watch it again, haha. We all went through a big phase of "Listen to me. Are you listening?" And it would make us spaz out just saying it to each other. Because we are freaks.

There is nothing I could possibly say about Adam Lambert that could actually express how absolutely incredible he is. I. Love. Him. Watched him mentor on Idol last week? Spazzed. Love. Him.

On the contrary. I think it is YOU who = WIN.

Again, love the chapter, can't wait to see more, etc :D I am very excited about this one.
4/16/2010 c3 midgetslove4never
Oh yea! Gay love is always a way to turn the corners of your lips up! please write more!
4/16/2010 c3 Subconscious-Flirt
Another amazing chapters. I'm still upset that this doesn't have more reviews than it does, but whatever. I like that you made William figure it out, because I hate when characters are too stupid to understand and go for months with it staring them right in their face. Update soon.
4/8/2010 c2 Subconscious-Flirt
I love this. Please continue. (Not an eloquent review but all I have the energy for right now. We'll work on it)
4/8/2010 c2 big.break.and.laryngitis
This is SO CUTE. I really like your style. And British words, haha. It's adorable :D I really like your characters, too. And... well, pretty much everything. It's just so cute. I would like to see more of them.
3/29/2010 c2 Ace Von Saul
I really enjoyed this story so far. I like that the characters are so different from one another that you can tell which one's talking without being told. I'm eager to find out what happens next. =)
3/28/2010 c2 3Double Edged
Oh, this is hilarious. I LOVE YOUR STORY! Not that much of a plot so far, but who cares when you're laughing every five seconds? I love how Will and Jack quarrel. Funny and yet realistic. Update soon!

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