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for Grace Of an Angel

7/9/2001 c1 pryncesscrys
beautiful, this one is so good. i feel the same way even now. she is liked by all, worshiped and adored...even by steve who was suppossed to be mine but now thats said and done and in the end shes still the same person...but i cant hate her even tho i envy her for everything shes worth. her beauty, grace, popularity, and all the nonsaid wonders that make her who she is. just know that i envy you as well, your smile eases the minds of the uneasy, and your charm makes everyone drawn to you...its sort of a magnetic pull that makes me want to be near you always b/c of your comforting touch, i am hear for you always...remember that. for all the things we went through last year i wish we were closer...well perhaps we will be next year. i love you beautiful...from, the twit
5/13/2001 c1 13BerthaCow
aww .. *sniff sniff* I think I need kleenex. No .. lol .. this is really good!
5/10/2001 c1 Shadowbox
Fuzzy on who it is. But i think i got an idea. I'll send my regards to him about it. I like it though. Nicely written, it flows. Personally, i don't think i've ever read something so beautiful. Not even my angst writing could cover this one hun. So good luck with the rest of your poetry, it gets better every time. Love you.

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