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5/29/2012 c1 K Malik
OK, I change my mind. THIS one is my favourite! It was sooo good!

I love the line 'I love her without regret, I've found her but she's not mine yet'. It's perfect...:D:D:D

5/1/2011 c1 Majidah
Ooh must say this is probably one of my favs out of all the stories youve written (: Like the ending :D xx
7/19/2010 c1 Rumi
Seriously, like this story is awesome! I loved the rhyming parts/poems, thought they added extra feelings to the story, because they were the unspoken words that the characters never said. The story itself truly grabbed me as a reader.. I just wanted to keep reading on to see what happens. You are very talented, I never realised how good you were gonna be.
6/23/2010 c1 Mahim
Hm... After reading this, it's brought personal memories back... But it's very intense, and that poor guy Matt is just too good...
5/18/2010 c1 HOLY CRAP
dude! this story is really good! you're a very talented writer. I was hooked as soon as i read the opening of the story. I like the idea of the girl liking Declan, bt he was oblivious to her feelings and yet that Declan actually liked her bt thought that she didnt no, and the guy shes goin out with likes her a lot *takes a deep breath* anyway, u get the idea. That made me carry one reading the story. V creative!

I think one day u could be a famous teenage love story writer! :)
4/7/2010 c1 Yazieeh
Hey ApuG :)

Ii noe hw much u hate dah nme buh oh well u hav plenty of tym 2 hav a go @ me later.

Okaii ii jus wnaa say dah i absolutley LUV dis story. Its is amazing. Nd ii cn honestly say dah u r 1 of ma favourite authors on dis. Ii am also ur hugest fan ever!

Dw nobody needz 2 noee dah u tld meeh 2 ryt all dis:)

Ur gnaa kill meeh nw aren't u. Pleez dnt kil meeh i am 2 young 2 die...i hav so much yet 2 do wiiv my lyf. Jus ask urself dis, r u prepared 2 end da lyf of ur fave cuzzie hu has such a promisiin lyf ahead of her.Huh? r u? Nd newaii i shud b da 1 doiin all da killin. I tld u not 2 read thru ma review until im finished nd wat do u do affaa, u read thru it newaii.

Okaii i am babbliin nd dis is totally off da subject.

Baak 2 da story i rly lyked all da characters nd da boyz both seemed so in luuv wiiv Tianna. Dis waaz such a sweet story nd it kinda mkez u fiink 2.

So affa my advice 2 u is jus 2 keep on rytiin stories as gud as dis nd mayb 1daii u'll bcum rich nd famous.
4/5/2010 c1 Benana
haha I'll give a normal human review this time! loved it! too sweet!
4/4/2010 c1 Benana
As an avid fan of teenage love stories which deal with the trials and tribulations of teenage love and angst, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I felt as a reader I could relate to both the protagonist (Declan) and yet have sympathy for the antagonist (Matt) at his inability to stay faithful even though there is an obvious feeling of love towards Tianna, a dilemma often faced by many teens. Stay faithful and be with 'the one' or stray and experience the unknown. In this case Matt probably made the wrong decision, but it is one he will have to live with as it is not our actions which define us as a person but our ability to face and deal with the consequences. A very good read and one that will pull a chord for many readers, who may have personal experience of this situation or seen those around them going through the same predicament.

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