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for Bad memories

10/17/2014 c3 4CallingAllSinners
Holy wow, this is beautiful. Please continue...?
12/10/2012 c3 Guest
tht was sad ): but AMAZING \_(o3o)_/
11/21/2012 c3 2Historicalbookworm
3/11/2011 c1 Guest
poor guy
10/31/2010 c3 1Loreyli Lynn Diskenth
I feel sorry for Josh. Such an eloquently twisted, alluring story. I would love to read more of this-it is utterly fascinating.
10/31/2010 c2 Loreyli Lynn Diskenth
Even more dark and twisted; I must give you credit for this, it has made an impression on me as a reader. I enjoy grotesque thoughts and this sates them beautifully.
10/31/2010 c1 Loreyli Lynn Diskenth
Love the parallelism of perfection and imperfection; there is a dark intrigue in this that I find appealing. I'm definitely reading the next chapters.
5/6/2010 c3 4Lacrymosa string-quartet
Very angst and tragic. Though it was short and not so expand, it's still good and descriptive. I just realize that you didn't use that mush dialogue and yet it still was good. I like short descriptive and tragic stories, even though the ending wasn't tragic just kept me wondering

"Where to go now?"

So true, you made me wonder where he will go next ? Love it ^_^

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