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2/21/2021 c23 Guest
I love your sense of humour in your writing. :)
8/23/2016 c16 It's me
I think I wanna marry Gina
11/2/2015 c23 1somersaultkick
Thank God she matured. I should thank Tori for lessening my frustration. And aww the proposal was so ughhhh - what was the word again? - ughhhhh! I don't know what's the right word for it but ughhhhh that was so sweet .
1/26/2015 c23 Guest
The ending did feel quite rushed, what happened with Eddie liking Sandy? It was mentioned one second and then completely disregarded. As well as the whole Steph issue, Reagan brought it up once at the cancer council thing, even then it was subtle, and Logan barely acknowledged it. And now they've suddenly gotten past it without it even being discussed? Not gonna lie, I feel kind of shortchanged here. Logan was a complete A-hole, got to live his dream, screw as many women as he wanted, and when he decides he's ready to pick up where they left off, he comes back for Reagan. It makes it seem like she's the bad guy for being reluctant to "give it a shot" when everyone keeps telling her it's been 4 years and for her to get over it. I'm sorry, but if any guy, especially the love of my life, treated me like that. I don't even know if we could work through everything. Logan sounds like the typical selfish guy who got everything he ever wanted, Reagan included.
1/26/2015 c12 Guest
I may sound like an unforgiving b***h here but, if I were in Reagan's shoes, all I'd be able to see when I look at Logan, is him tangled up in bed with steph. I know it's been 4 years, but heartbreak is heartbreak. And no self-respecting girl would bother being cordial with the guy who claimed to love her but was all too happy to hop into a bed, not even a full 24hrs, after they'd broken up. That just screams douchebag.
9/26/2014 c23 Diya Mond
That. Was. An. Amazing. Story ! I completely loved it ! hanks so much for this xD
9/24/2014 c23 7Mr. Ree
oh w0w amazing never thought i'd hear that from ya

ANYWAY wtf it has not been 4 years has it wtf but kudos on finally finishing this because wow that should've happened at some point in the past four years! But, now maybe you can complete the circle, be the best het COMPLETE story now that there's gonna be a new round, aye?
9/24/2014 c23 Nance
So happy you finished!
9/24/2014 c23 lizzy1414
OH MY GOSH... It's over...
Iv loved this story from the moment I started reading... It doesn't matter how long it took im just glad it got finished!
You are an amazing writer..
Thank you for sharing this brilliant story with us!
Can't wait to read more of your work.
9/24/2014 c23 mylittleprincess
AWESOME story!
9/23/2014 c23 castiel89

Congrats, my dear! Still love these two knuckleheads :)
9/13/2014 c22 Love2Write41990
I love this story! I read the first one, and had to read this one!
6/26/2014 c16 1rainreverie
This chapter is great! I love Gina's attitude, and her responses to the questions are so perfectly sassy! Please update the story soon!
4/25/2014 c22 Jules
3/2/2014 c22 Sven Nicoli
I died there. :)
I would rate this story 4.9/5!
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