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8/19/2010 c3 23frogs of war
That was an odd request. Charles doesn't seem like a guy who would make Jeremiah do anything he doesn't want to. They have already proven that Jeremiah can make Charles do anything.
8/19/2010 c2 frogs of war
The baiting made me laugh, but this is exactly why I had Pete have that discussion with Luke.
7/10/2010 c11 Hettiezstar
Lovely! I love the whole consensual master/pet D/s subject so, so much!
6/13/2010 c11 3Dani Danii
Yay, wedding bells! That was so cute. ^_^
6/6/2010 c10 dorome
THanks for you reply and the new chapter. I am really intrested in this story and cann't wait to read more. The Sneak Peek sounds good.
6/6/2010 c10 Dani Danii
I've been meaning to review this story for awhile now, but I've never had time. I do now, though, and I just wanted to say that this story is suppahawesome, radtastic, and a bunch of other adjectives that you will fail to find in the dictionary. Can't wait to read more. Oh, and thanks for the sneak peek!
6/2/2010 c9 dorome
Just wanted to let you know, i really like this story.

I especially liked the foreword. I thought it very cute how determined Miah was about getting an Master.

Now i fear that their realtionship is developing into a sad drama. it is till very fascinating, but i really hop this tory ends well.

Hope to read more about them soon.

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