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7/15/2011 c15 1bookADDICT6
Okay, I'm offically on the side that likes Elliot. Not that much of a jerk anymore. Also, I just love Elliot and Francesca together!
7/15/2011 c14 bookADDICT6
First of all, so sweet that Elliot saved her! Second, I completely agree with Luke about Lady Mondia. She is a b****.
7/15/2011 c13 bookADDICT6
Poor Ellie, that is just a terrible thing to happen to a girl her age :'(
7/15/2011 c12 bookADDICT6
I would never expect that from Marcus. I don't know why, but I thought he was sort of brotherly.

I just love Bandit. He's so cute and how he sleeps when Francesca puts her hand into his kennel. That sounded so adorable!
7/15/2011 c11 bookADDICT6
OMG, huskies! I absolutely love them to death. I like the idea of the challenges. They test for all good qualities.
7/15/2011 c10 bookADDICT6
That outburst was hilarious! It was more like there was a bombing and they were trying to figure out what to do.
7/15/2011 c9 bookADDICT6
Loved the whole episode with Luke and Elliot. I definitely like Luke because he's a gentleman, obviously. On the other hand, I'm on the borderline with Elliot :\
7/15/2011 c8 bookADDICT6
Aw! I sort of feel bad for Elliot, but so far I know nothing about him so that sympathy is very limited. I think I like Ethan so far. So... so far, so good!
7/15/2011 c7 bookADDICT6
I find the rules interesting, a competiton is so different that you wouldn't expect. The story is just amazing so far, great job!
7/15/2011 c6 bookADDICT6
Finally, we've met the prince. Although, I'm not sure I like his attitude as he already seems cocky. Just have to wait and see I suppose.
7/15/2011 c5 bookADDICT6
Ooo, now there's a pair of boys thrown in there. This should be interesting!
7/15/2011 c4 bookADDICT6
Yes, we're finally in Wilkenshire :]
7/15/2011 c2 bookADDICT6
I love the sound of the country. Especially the third bold point ;)
7/15/2011 c1 bookADDICT6
This is like the movie, Princess Diairies. I loved that movie and I am desperately searching for something to read to do with a monarchy. So far, most stories are!

Love the start and the little competition sounds interesting and much different ;)
5/14/2011 c34 CrossMyHeart
(Hurph. They wouldn't let me log it to review.)

Aw! This is such a cute story! I'm such a sucker for princess stories, and the sad part is that when I was little I never even wanted to be a princess. it was Bird-woman or vet all the way. i guess I'm making up for lost time!


PS, every time I read Elliot, this started in my head: http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=lONhOlKAU8g (I don't know if that link works)
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