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5/7/2010 c6 6EmmaWoodhouse88
Well then, that is am interesting thing to find out. lol. I would be shocked too. I can't wiat to see what happens next!
5/4/2010 c6 30Fate Rose
So this is my review for both chapters. *ish a lazy whore*

Anyway, are you still reading the vampire Diaries, because the description of Elliot reminds me of Damon. Could be me being crazy though.

(Dude, I have a character named Luke in that story I showed you today... Well four parts later. And he's blonde. Still. Are you like a mind-reader?)

Yay, for all the revelations and the introductions of the guys. I want to punch Elliot. I don't know why. But I do. Ironic, because he is /totally/ her future romance don't even deny it.

Also, I love the quote from chapter 5. XD

Update soon-ish?
5/3/2010 c6 hey its rollinby
Im too lazy to login :P

Hun the language of the queen neends to be more sophisticated

she cant say i seriously hope u will enjy it here

instead could be phrased i hope sincerely that will enjoy here in the castle or maybe I sincerely pray that you make yourself at home

or something regal- ish
4/27/2010 c5 13rollinby
gah ! write soon ! though we already know her granny is the queen :P
4/27/2010 c5 6EmmaWoodhouse88
I live how you make sure we pronounce the names right. lol. This story seems very interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next!
4/26/2010 c4 13rollinby
I love green too! :D

well hun like said ! good so far so lets see ryt ?
4/25/2010 c4 30Fate Rose
Sorry, sorry, soorry! For not reviewing yesterday, like I said, I didn't read it until today.

GREEN IS MY FAVORITE COLOR! (I have no idea why I put that in caps, but I did. *nods*) Why? Because we live in a desert where you almost never see green.

Your description reminds me of California beaches combined with Flagstaff trees. It sounds lovely.

Oh, a garden. Sweet!

(You should get a fanfic account. *has one* *almost never uses it, but has one nonetheless*)

I hope you update today. Twould be ~fabulous~.

I like this chapter a lot. *nods*
4/25/2010 c3 Fate Rose
I finally have time to read this! I'm sorry I couldn't get on yesterday to R&R.

"When I started to see the low flying planes, I could have peed my pants." This line made me laugh out loud for God only knows what reason.

I was your /only/ reviewer? o.o Craziness.

You rewrote them. *sigh* So then Imma have to reread them later.

Anyway, the advantage of failing to read this yesterday means I have two chapters today, so Yay! Off to read the next one.

(Good chapter btw, 'cause I think I forgot to say that.)
4/25/2010 c3 guncha
i love your story!

my fav part is that u are setting the plot

and just how did u think of such awesme names

are u on ff

if plz tell me

coz i have an account there and i wud love to read ur other fics

sorry for the language but its shorter and less time consuming so

btw *heart* ur reference to hp

and i agree with Fate Rose do make it murder please

added plot

just who killed her?

amd do u know just how much i love u for allowing anonymous reviews

there are like so many stories i would really like love to review but they have anonymous lock

and really i have very bad creativity so making an account where i am not going to post any story just for a review is a bit wierd

if u didnt like the crap srry i just get carried off



just asking was ur inspiration pricess diaries 2

if not dont mind but wen i read ur summary i was totally reminded of pd 2!

but now i think its way diff.
4/24/2010 c3 13rollinby
hahah! hun i havent left u yet! just been busy ! sorry

this is very different from anything you've tried before so lets see how it goes... its good so far
4/23/2010 c2 30Fate Rose
Hai! :3 It took me like ten minutes to get my computer to allow me to leave this review. It was being stupid.

Anyway, your story has plot! I think that's a good thing. *fails at plot* But there's plot and it's like moving and yeah... I'm failing with words...

"I'm so sorry bestest friend! I forgot how totally amazing you are without a boy in your life."
4/17/2010 c1 Fate Rose
*pokes you into updating*

You couldn't put what the letter said in this chapter? *pouts*

Nice HP reference by the way. Malfoy. XD

What a sad background story, though I s'pose it had to be, but suicide? Really? *cough*youshouldmakeitmurder*cough*

Um anyway, update soon?
4/17/2010 c1 melanincyclops
very interesting...i like it.

update soon with the second chappie. and bravo on Tik Tok and Every Hour!

I just wish that my stories would get reviews like yours... :'(
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