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5/6/2011 c1 BabyYouraFirework
Cute (:
5/5/2011 c34 1reachforit
Thank you for the story. I loved it. Somehow, you made it innocent and jaded at the same time (via Marcus and Elliot but more of the latter, obviously) and I appreciate it very much. Keep it up, yeah?
4/29/2011 c34 13rollinby
I absolutely ADORED the ending! PERFECT!
4/29/2011 c34 Music Read Luv
=D this had a better ending than harry potter 7
4/29/2011 c34 27Princess97
It finished? I'll miss the story.. love how he proposed!
4/28/2011 c34 3Angelica.Eddings
Thank you so much for posting this amazing story. I loved Checkers because it appealed to the girl inside me that still secretly wants to be a princess. I can't wait to see what other projects you'll do in the future.
4/28/2011 c34 JCqueen
This story was awesome! Of course I'd love every story you could possibly write, but you know, i just needed to clarify. :) GREAT JOB ON THIS! Keep up the amazing work!
4/28/2011 c34 5Katielove
boring ending. jk. haha good story i liked it. we should turn it into a movie.
4/28/2011 c34 musicluva4eva
I loved this story! It would be amazing if you did an epilogue though, since you aren't doing a sequel. You could just write about how everyone's lives turn out. It give readers that closure, knowing how the characters end up.
4/28/2011 c33 Katielove
4/28/2011 c33 27Princess97
I thought the legal system was fine. But, YAY! They're finally...legally.. together!
4/27/2011 c33 Music Read Luv
=D of course they would be allowed to be with each...my question where was dell and nancy to give support in all of this?
4/27/2011 c1 11Live and learn
I'm really feeling this first chapter so far and can't wait to read more! :)
4/27/2011 c32 Music Read Luv
=D yay! elliot's back! =D now what's parliament gonna say...
4/26/2011 c32 2CaBlasch87
aw...i love it!
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