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7/5/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hey! I would like to invite you to join our platform to present a good quality story to our readers! Send me a message if this offer piqued your interest!
2/17/2020 c9 1PsychosomaticReality
Is Celeste like Ivy? Or even better, Like Ivy but she can still wolf out? Ooo Even better, she can see the future!?
2/17/2020 c4 PsychosomaticReality
Kelsey's face
10/8/2011 c12 1violet-eyez
huh so her brother is evil too
8/12/2011 c11 violet-eyez
so doesn't seem like her dad will let her go so easily
8/5/2011 c10 violet-eyez
ok interesting
8/5/2011 c1 1Atreyu Legend
Interesting how this story starts out, it feels different than any other werewolf story I've read on here. In that it feels like the classic werewolf characters. I knew something weird was up when her and the cop were talking about her surviving a cliff fall.

Kind of sad though how the chapter ended about her being blamed for her mother's death. But it gave me the background I needed on the characters, and allowed me to empathize with them.
3/14/2011 c9 Celeste
HEY YOU! Hahahahha.. damn it you are good Eli! Better than J.K. Rowling! Keep it up ;)and WOHO I SEE MY NAME :) thanks! FASTTER UPDATE!
2/19/2011 c1 1ChocolateCookie
aw poor Ivy. It's nice to see a different take on the werewolf idea - and I like the construct of her family.
2/3/2011 c9 1violet-eyez
so her brother is evil and celeste can see the future?
1/24/2011 c9 1Shadowed Rin
Glad that you updated :D I can totally understand the author's block thing xD Happens to me all the time xDD

Well, for starters, I like Ivy's reactions to Celeste's questions and such. Though I do feel that this whole chapter, the pace is too fast. Take things slower next time :) It'll help. There are some punctuation errors here and there, but I guess it's not that bad :D

A little too much dialog and a little too little descriptions. Maybe you could have described the atmosphere of the family more? Or maybe even the house itself. Hmm, that's all I have to say :)

Hope you can update ASAP! :D
1/23/2011 c9 Sharky237
Hmm, did you get a beta to look over this first? If so, your beta didn't catch your tense problems as well as some awkward structuring. I am serious when I say I will beta chapters for you. Your chapters tend to be on the short to medium side and I could whip out a grammatically correct (for the most part, no one is completely perfect at English grammar) and excellently structured chapter. I really want to help you grow as a writer and that requires the type of detailed concrit that I have difficulty giving over a simple review. I am very serious about this. I am usually available during most times of the day with the only exceptions being class or sleep. If you want to take me up on this offer just pm me and I will give you my email address.


1/23/2011 c9 romanceaddict
nice chapter, towards the middle you switched celeste to Roselyn
12/24/2010 c8 Shadowed Rin
Nice introduction of a new power :) Glad to know that something new's gonna happen and I can't wait to find out :D Good developments so far, though I kinda thought that their bickering was a little...weird. Something like the problem wasn't exactly solved, yet they settled down incomplete. I'm not sure how to explain, but it's a gut feeling. :)

Great work, and Merry Christmas! Hope you update again soon! :D
12/24/2010 c8 Sharky237
Hmm...this chapter could have used some light editing before you posted it. There were some sentences that were very awkward and several misspellings. Also, I think that you should have prepared us for Ivy's power a little more. It just comes out all of the sudden and your readers are left to think "OMG where in the heck did that come from?" There isn't that strong of a foundation for giving Ivy powers. It is hinted that her mother was a witch but that doesn't explain what powers she had. Also, if Ivy's mother was a witch and not a werewolf, what was she doing with Ivy's (I can't remember his name) father? Her father is pretty elitist and doesn't seem like he would be with someone who is not a pureblooded werewolf...


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