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for There is no God but Allah

5/16/2014 c1 Sister-in-Hand
Wow, beautiful Masha'Allah. I love how you portrayed the elder sister. And the emotions are very powerful. I would love to share it with my friends.

P.S. Do you mind if I use your poem (promise I won't take the credit)? Pretty please... with a cherry on top?
12/13/2010 c1 3Error 404 Page Not Found
this is terribly sadding. i am very sure you have just wrote the nearly exact feelings of a Muslim girl.
7/20/2010 c1 6colourful-years
Hi mehreen! Guess who's joined at last? :) I love this poem, it's really emotional. And the rythm is quite simple so it really sounds like it's being told by a young girl. Brilliant stuff! I've just uploaded some of my writing today I'd appreciate it if you'd be the first one to review it lol x
4/20/2010 c1 836CRaZy-OdIN
really sad and heart wrenchingly emotive. Very well written, with great artistry. I wish I could write as good as you. It's good to see new work from you, I understand life does get in the way sometimes haha and yes university can be hectic & demanding. Where and what are you studying now? Best of luck with all your exams.

4/20/2010 c1 989East-0f-Eden
this was a very emotional read for me. I loved the big sister and the way you portrayed her role. I loved that prayer. My fiance says that there are no Muslim prayers to say before you go to bed other than a pillar prayer. But, that one is SO sweet! It reminds me of "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take." A very sweet story
4/20/2010 c1 11Tecna
That really is a beautiful and soul-touching poem. Absolutely beautiful! It also tells another story. Well written, loved it!
4/19/2010 c1 3blonski
Wow, that is heart wrenching. Lovely.

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