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1/11/2014 c4 Guest
Ommmgggg where's the reeeest -n-
3/12/2011 c4 3SweetSarah2
I like the suspense in this chapter. But it did feel a little rushed. Other than that it was great! It's Romeo that's sending the poems to her right? Wait,duh. Anyway looking forward to more!
3/12/2011 c3 SweetSarah2
Hey Reize. Luving the sarcasm. This seriously is hilarious. Though there are a few typos you could fix up. Anyway I luv it and I'm about to read the next one. XD

p.s if you're not busy do you reckon you could read my story :Fireworks?

Summary:He just smiled in a way that sent my heart aflutter. Oh shit,aflutter! That was it; I was getting out of here now. So I did the one thing I

could think of and really really didn’t want to do.

I kneed him in the family jewels.
7/15/2010 c4 3aby pwn u
When u think about it, It kinda seems a little rushed...maybe have a "certain" pair of eyes following her and same with Nesh's. :S Anyways, its awesome :)
5/3/2010 c3 Krittika
lol, is neshi based of anush? no question about mr. Clopez though, that's deffy mr. lopez, it was really obvious when you started talking about the hovering of hands over inapproprate body parts...It's pretty good so far though. Something i definitely would want to continue reading, you should probably have a bit more description about you characters though, or give em some depth or something. or not. cuz, either way, the story's great. not to mention HILARIOUS! for the love of whatever deity you choose to worship, i knew you were funny, but i really don't remember you being so funny that i would fall out of my bed laughing! Frisco's probably chipping away my memory...all part of its evil plan to make me miserable, i.e remove any chance of happiness in the present, past, and future.
5/1/2010 c3 4Circles in the Water
Rad story! =P
5/1/2010 c4 11R. Tist
"And satisfaction brought the cat back..." ~Nice. :"D And I think the homework are conspiring against human-kind. Long story. Anyways, the story is starting to get either really confusing or that's just me. Loved Mista Gangsta, by the way. Update soon!
4/28/2010 c3 5bonnienclyde
Haha, this is so funny! I love it! Update soon! :D
4/28/2010 c3 go to hell fiction press
yay i'm a ninja... i love this chapter lol it was funny and cute i love love love plez update son cant wait doll face so hurry it up or i'll use my ninja skills on you lol
4/27/2010 c3 Elise Cromwell
woot! I love randomly sarcastic and insane best friends!(: And, I also love it when my name is specifically stated in the author's thankies thing(: Anyways, back to more important things! I guess all the same stuff as last time, and I might have to agree with thisgirl about the second chapter being a tad confusing with all the people, but I'm pretty sure that's only because I suck with names. With time it'll all start flowing, I'm sure. You have a nice balance between your details and dialogue, so keep it up! (:

4/27/2010 c3 11R. Tist
Darn, no fluff. But oh well. Fun chapter anyways, and the stuff about Volterra was just plain hilarious. You've gotta love gold-digger thoughts, right? And you'd better update soon, or else...

Ok, I got nothing. But still, update!
4/25/2010 c2 thisgirl
This is a really good story! I loved the first chapter; however, the second chapter came across as a bit confusing...I think it was just too many people being introduced in too short of a time period. However, you've got a great voice, I think the character development is coming along just fine, and I'm very interested to find out more about this "Romeo". Can't wait for chapter 3!

4/25/2010 c2 fullybooked
I really wonder what ill happen next!

Pls. update soon and I mean it.
4/24/2010 c2 1do not click
Its god, i dont get the last bit thoughh =/, but still really good, pleasee kep going? x
4/24/2010 c2 11R. Tist
Hilarious. :"D I like it when the heroines have an attitude. I also like steak; so awesome story!
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