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for Skin on skin

5/29/2010 c1 51for shame
this poem makes skin on skin sound sweet. it has a really nice mood, like rain on a sunny day. it's a nice change from hotly passionate, semi-obscene poems about sex.

i'm really glad to read more of your work. you always inspire.
4/23/2010 c1 Isca
"In the poetry of skin-on-skin." How sensual. I like the idea that the melding of two bodies into one tells a story by itself.

I liked the go/pillow rhyming. The celestial imagery contrasted nicely with the mundane imagery; good transition!
4/23/2010 c1 124Irish Lover
i really liked this
4/22/2010 c1 recycle rhymes
it's so pretty i love the star imagery, it's definitely my favourite kind. and the ending was bittersweet, like the poem takes off.

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