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5/21/2017 c17 3LucyRowanVictoria
What about M's meds?
5/21/2017 c16 LucyRowanVictoria
So, was it A being in heat that caused him to follow her and protect her from Cohryn in the first place?
5/21/2017 c15 LucyRowanVictoria
Okay, when she keep saying cramps, I DID wonder if it was her period, but I just thought: "Surely she's had her period before!"
Clearly, I was wrong.
5/21/2017 c14 LucyRowanVictoria
Sigh. Sixth sense...
5/21/2017 c13 LucyRowanVictoria
What merit is there in that?
5/21/2017 c12 LucyRowanVictoria
Okay, didn't really see that one coming...
5/21/2017 c11 LucyRowanVictoria
Oh! She's going to wear them to hide her eyes!
5/21/2017 c10 LucyRowanVictoria
So I guessed right. But what's the pointing letting them escape just to drag-Oh! He's showing off all of them to get attention!
5/21/2017 c9 LucyRowanVictoria
Ah, testosterone!
5/21/2017 c8 LucyRowanVictoria
He He, Teo!
5/21/2017 c7 LucyRowanVictoria
Sigh. That whole thing was planned. He wouldn't kill her!
5/21/2017 c6 LucyRowanVictoria
Not so mindless…
5/21/2017 c5 LucyRowanVictoria
I actually already guessed that it was his son. Sorry.
5/21/2017 c4 LucyRowanVictoria
Wait, what?
5/21/2017 c3 LucyRowanVictoria
When's she gonna name the snake?
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