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12/28/2010 c29 27Writerandreader
Very very very good chapter though it's one of ur shorter chapters. Keep it up, I like this story.
12/28/2010 c29 AJDG
This is a very good story. Just read all the chapters today. I couldn't stop! Can't wait for the next Chapter.
12/28/2010 c29 6xXxfantasyfreakxXx
sounds good. Good Job!
12/28/2010 c29 kittygirl27
this story is really good! I just read all 29 chapters in one sitting!
12/22/2010 c28 xXxfantasyfreakxXx
this was great lol surprised they didnt actually go farther but i guess it wasnt the most romantic place lol
12/20/2010 c28 27Writerandreader
Wow, very romantic. I knew from chapter 6 that he liked her:) Good couple.
12/20/2010 c6 Writerandreader
God chapter!
12/20/2010 c5 Writerandreader
So... I'm guessing SubjectA is in V's room, right?
11/25/2010 c27 True Pandemonium
Just read the latest chapter and I'm still loving every moment of it. You've developed your characters and plot so well. Once again, I can't wait for the next part.
10/1/2010 c1 4Akito R
You totally watched Avatar the Last Airbender
10/1/2010 c22 Sammyjon123
Cohryn...Still alive...Ugh. XD I knew it. I'm INCREDIBLY tired, and don't actually have the mental capacity to write a full review right now, but that was a very good chapter :D At some point soon I'll catch up.
9/30/2010 c25 kala
Yay his was way beter than the last chapter, poor andrew yay for v and a:D
9/30/2010 c25 6xXxfantasyfreakxXx
i love it although you have some typing errors that need to be fixed
9/29/2010 c24 3Kyre Crow
An Alice in Wonderland chapter! It looked like something that would be fun to write. You know, there's so much about Alice in Wonderland out there, I really should read it. This chapter was cool, I liked how you incorporated all the characters into it (at least, most of them). It's also confusing because Cohryn was the one whispering in her ear, but in a previous chapter, Cohryn told V's mom that he was forced to work there, or something. It makes me wonder, what does Cohryn really care about? Good job, keep it up!
9/25/2010 c1 1bk00
wow. that's really intriguing! Great now I'm hooked in and while have to read all of it so far! Expect a lot of reviews, definitely longer and more indepth than this 1st one!

also, if you find the time, would you mind check out my work on here plz? it would be
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