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12/28/2018 c1 Lily
I’m going to be honest with you, this story made me cry at least twice. I was routing for Chase in the very beginning at the bar, until I met Tim and his flirty behavior. From that point on it was all Tim, until the second to last chapter. I began to realize Chase was really a good guy. He was even trying to be “friendly” with Liz even when he had feelings for her. He cared about her feelings even if it hurt him! This was one of the best stories I’ve read by far. I think you should really officially publish this as a short story. You are an amazing writer!
2/3/2016 c23 1Du
I loved this! Such a perfect love triangle. I normally hate them because authors tend to have one of the love interests turn out to be a total asshole just so their heroine has a clear path towards her "real love". Here, it was anything but. Sure, I never really liked Tim... He tended to get on my nerves - never have I seen somewhat so broken and so reluctant to fix himself (or to let someone help fix him). But he didn't do something horrible to Liz. And you made her very realistic - at least that's what I think. I adore how you have your main character having actual feelings for two different people. It's something people don't tend to explore. In most love triangles the girl suddenly has an epiphany where she realises she feels absolutely nothing for one guy, while she is totally in love with the other. That just seems unrealistic. Liz's feelings and reactions seemed so natural... And I loved Chace. It was clear he had real feelings for Liz, and his ability to stay silent and in the background was just...
This was a great read, seriously! Thank you so much for writing and posting this. I liked the ending. It wasn't cheesy, which totally fits the story. We didn't need to have an epilogue with Chace and Liz all lovey-dovey, because that's just a given. The fact that the ending was so simple made it ever the more special.
I will reread this, for sure. Best wishes!
1/22/2015 c23 Guest
Great story.
11/10/2014 c23 BlueMoonlily
this was a good ending :) i liked how everything panned out in the end and how adorable Chace is, i just wanna squeeze him lol i felt overall like the issues that Liz and Tim had were dealt with pretty fast and didn't have full closure so that leaves me feeling a little off kilter about this story but not enough to not enjoy the plot and i looked forward to reading the next chapters.

good work :) thanks for posting!
11/10/2014 c16 BlueMoonlily
okay i've finally remembered to ask while typing up my review: why is the story called suicide squeeze?

i like finding more out about Tim and his past and i'm glad he's grieving so he can actually have a decent shot at being in a relationship again. also, they're adorable together lol i like how they act
11/10/2014 c14 BlueMoonlily
i really loved this chapter. not just because of the ending but because it made me laugh repeatedly and i love how your characters interact with each other. The best friends really feel like best friends and i like that. i'm still getting used to your pacing with events and stuff but once i do i think it works well. The days and events seem to be going by really fast and close together so that's what i'm trying to get used to. i'm liking it!
11/10/2014 c8 BlueMoonlily
the baseball stuff is totally fine :) i only know a little bit about baseball and i don't find that your writing is too detailed or not detailed enough so don't worry! i'm starting to wonder what kind of relationship Liz and Chace are going to have. also, Tim is a jealous and angsty little teenager lol
11/9/2014 c6 BlueMoonlily
okay so Liz kind of reminds me of myself right now lol i like how Tim explained his situation and how he knew his behaviour wasn't excused and that he's going to work on gaining back Liz's trust.
11/9/2014 c5 BlueMoonlily
hmm that took a turn very quickly and i don't know if it feels completely natural but we'll see how it plays out. :)
11/9/2014 c4 BlueMoonlily
so i am pleasantly surprised by this writing of this story and plot and it's made me laugh multiple times so i'm pretty excited to keep reading! i have to say i don't like how often Tim refers to Liz as woman but i can get over that due to his character. i like the relationship they have together and i'm excited to see how Chace plays into everything :)
4/28/2014 c23 JJ
I loved your story! Im not one for drawn out, complicated love triangles but I liked the relationship Liz had with both guys...even i though i wish there were more Liz/ Chase moments.

I totally agree about with your decision to not have a sequel however I feel that the story seems incomplete? Perhaps having an epilogue might conclude the story nicely? But great job :)
3/27/2014 c23 marijee
Liz's uncertainty seemed genuine...though I think I might have tossed Tim sooner...but that's me, not Liz. Like Kendy said...Liz has feelings about people. The last chapter seemed to wrap up too quickly, but that may have been me, not wanting to see Chase and Liz finally together and the story ends.

I did enjoy your story. Thank you for writing.
3/27/2014 c22 marijee
I had a feeling something was going on with Tim...the new job jives with my feelings. I hope things work out with Liz and Chase...oh and Matt and Ashley!
3/27/2014 c20 marijee
Ugh! I still like Chase best...Tim definitely has some fidelity issues...he can be such a nice guy...but? Well it's all up to Liz, isn't it?
3/27/2014 c18 marijee
Congrats on your marriage!

Chase is going to the Show! Wow! Things are getting hot and heavy with Liz and Tim...and they are official!
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