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for Birds Sing and Wolves Howl

8/18/2010 c18 Arabea
=( I'm sad. But I understand. I shall wait patiently. =)
8/18/2010 c18 jmr79au
Good luck. Hope all goes well. I will be waiting for you and hope your muse returns soon. Jo XXOO
8/3/2010 c17 ebs12
mean cliffhangers mean quick updates ;p is the truth of her parentage going to be in her parents wills?
7/22/2010 c17 2I Will Not Die I Will Survive
:O awesome story so far... i so cant wait for the next update please update soon XD
7/20/2010 c17 darkgurl92
o...i bet she learns that alice is her mother..


update soon
7/19/2010 c17 1Initially loaded
I feel suspended off the edge of a cliff. Right now the only thing that will pull my up is A NEW CHAPTER! love it.
7/18/2010 c17 Da-zGreen
No.. Let me guess! The will says, that she is to marry Dean. hehehehe.. Maybe. OMG! Can't wait 'til the next chapter. Please update soon!
7/18/2010 c17 2WA0520
aww...that sucks for Dean
7/17/2010 c17 Arabea
I'm not going to lie - I'm kind of glad Maria found out that Dean was Dean. I was getting a little tired of him being referred to as Dean in the story and Daniel whenever she talked to him or about him. Can get a little confusing, ya know? And unless you're throwing another major curve ball into this story - Maria probs just found out that Alice is her REAL mom! Oh snapskees! If you're wondering why I sound weird it's because it's 3 in the morning. So Ima get off. Update soon...ish. =)
7/10/2010 c16 Sunsharmony
please post more i absolutely adore this story~~ :D sorry it took so long to comment but i had to finish :D AMAZING u write beautifully and i hope to hear more :DD
7/9/2010 c16 Arabea
Aww! Nice chapter! Not quite mush, but close! =D
7/9/2010 c16 Da-zGreen
I agree with his mother. He's happy now, but how long. hehehehe. Love this chapter. Hope to read more. Update soon!
7/9/2010 c16 ChristianAngel01
aww I just love this chapter! all the happiness lol joykiller at the end though lol cant wait for the next chapter
7/8/2010 c15 Arabea
AH! Awkward mother-son sex talk! Yick. *Shudder* Okay. I'm done. And I wanna read the next chapter! I know it's hard to figure out where you want a story to go - I suck at that. But you don't! So go for it! =D
7/8/2010 c15 ChristianAngel01
whoa this is getting some answers to my question great chapter!
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