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7/13/2010 c12 sally n
holey crap..in a good way..no great way..i hope there is more comming soon.
6/26/2010 c12 1BettyBoo
Well, I'm tear-eyed - again, lol! And I didn't like this chapter. I LOVED IT!...The part when Jonathan asked Ben if he used proctection with Sebastien...wow! I (and everyone else I think.) thought that detail would lead to a serious STD seeing how the books have angst in them but instead you used and turned that into something else and more! My eyes burned when Jonathan got the answer. The carelessness of that action hurt him so so deeply and it came across - pure ingenious!...Sebastien gets applauses again. Yes, he is the villian but he got what he set out to do. Hurt Ben as badly as he could and now that Ben has lost everything it's going to be very interesting to see if Sebastian plans to stick around and make Ben his. Which I don't think he will...but I could be wrong...If I had to use one word to sum Ben up in this book then that would be - weak! I don't feel sorry for him. I really hope he gets a hard time trying to win Jonathan and the family back! Maybe some competition...*cough* *cough* *hint* *hint*...I hope this betrayal doesn't change and make Jonathan into a bitter person in the next book which leads to me rubbing me my hands excitedly! There is more to come and you're probably right! - I'll be going crazy until then! Lol!

Take care D and thank you, thank you, thank you for Breakdown of a Dream. Without a doubt my favourite so far! Brilliantly written!
6/25/2010 c12 WayfarerRedemption
I was waiting for this chapter! Im so glad Jonathan punched both of them , they deserved it! and I liked how Jonathan realized its not his fault his man is a slut and that he didn't deserve it. I think it just put salt on the wound when Jonathan heard about Ben not using condoms with Sebastien , my heart went out for him. My wish is that Jonathan gets someone who is more sexy , rich , smart, hotter in bed, and all together way better then Ben and rubs it nicely in Ben's and Sebastien's faces while they wail in misery ( oh and both catch an STD because they didn't use condoms). It's one thing to cheat once, but Ben had an affair, he does not deserve a second chance, because he would just do it again. Can't wait for they next story!
6/25/2010 c12 leanna williams

He should swing that directions damnitt.


Goodness gracious. I'm ready for the next part to come out to this story!

Drama. Angst. Gah. Poor Jonathan, when he asked abou the whole protection part. Broke my heart. I'd kick Bens ass.

I took 6 years of kick boxing. xD I'm beastly. Plus ballet for 12 years. Odd combination.


Sebastien..dang..evil man. He's going to hell xD
6/23/2010 c11 BettyBoo
My heart is pounding right now! My pulse went up several notches at the end. Dammit Ben, I really thought he was going to stand by his words but no, he went did it again and this time in their bed! *shudders*...My words came out wrongly. My heart went out to Jonathen since he has been keeping the house together and to see his own daughter cry for someone else must've hurt. Sorry about that *blush*...I'm VERY happy there is one more chapter left! Matter of fact I sighed in relief when I read that, lol!...Man, I'm so disappointed in Ben. After read his words, explaining why it would never work with Sebastien he went and did this - oh, looking so so so much forward to the ch 12!

Thank you D!
6/22/2010 c11 WayfarerRedemption
Ben Ben Ben I hope you get what you deserve. I feel so bad for Jonathan, he doesn't deserve this. I mean come on! Ben really should have tried harder, he has no control... Doing that in their own bed! I don't think he would have ever stopped. I hope Jonathan rips him a new one. Go righteous fury! Can't wait for the next chapter. Jonathan deserves better.
6/22/2010 c11 leanna williams
: )

This story is greatly entertaining me, i'm sad its almost done.


The day of the welcome party..really Ben?

Shame Shame. I thought Ben had more will power than that, but obviously he doesn't. Jonathan better leave his ass, and after Ben vowed to himself to be a better partner.

Poor Jonathan.

: (

I'll marry him
6/19/2010 c10 leanna williams
I feel horrible for not post my little comments!


I've been so busy with work that I've spazzing out like crazy.

I just realized something.

Ben is sleeping with two men..is that going to become a concern?


I enjoy reading this story, keeps me on my toes.

6/19/2010 c10 leanna williams
I'm proud of Jonathan growing a back bone!


My hero!
6/19/2010 c10 BettyBoo
After two days of lousy games this was a much needed break! I've said it before but this was my favourite chapter - without a doubt! I loved, loved, loved this chapter! The dynamics on the emotional level was really really good. Everything from Jonathan pent-up anger and worry finally getting voiced to Ben's bad decision that has left guilt and worry eating away at him even though he has finally(!)realized that what he had with Sebastien is nothing compared to what he has with Jonathan. (I hope I got that right, lol!). I hope your silent(!) readers appreciate your hard work and how good you are. You mentioned Devon's appearance was going to change the dynamic in their relationship and he did...another thing: I got tear-eyed when Jonathan tried to put Brittany to bed but she cried for Ben. My heart went out to him then.

But it was a good thing that it happened because it gave Ben and Jonathan the opening they needed to talk and I'm really talk - and now they can slowly get back to where they started BUT(!) this chapter was really the clam before the storm!

It all comes down in the next chapter and I know it's going to fireworks! XD Fabulous job! Thank you and can't wait for the grand finale! Have a great weekend, D!
6/14/2010 c9 BettyBoo
World Cup is crazy! Handsome men shown on the Telly 24/7 can really make a woman lose her mind =P...but back to the story. Ben shouldn't had stayed the night because I fear Sebastien is going to retaliate harshly and loud! I'm biting my nails over here! We are reaching the end =( and things are going to explode! I have to applaud you for the way you have portrayed Sebastien. He has been a very interesting character. He has changed slightly from the selfish B that he is to imagining raising Devon with Ben but in the end I don't think he and Ben could've been a familty because Sebastien is way too selfish and I wouldn't been surprised if he had gotten jealous over Devon's and Ben's relationship at some point, you know?...thank you for starting off my week with another update! With you until the end and I have no idea how I'm going to handle next angst-filled book. Probably with tissue and a bottle nearby! =p...until next time - take care, bye!
6/13/2010 c8 BettyBoo
Aww hell, they ran into Sebastien? LOL! He IS stalking them despite what he says! X-p...Ben thinks things are sticky - well dear Ben things have gone beyond sticky! Even his money-making partner figured him and Sebastien out. Sebastien doesn't seem to be a patient man and now that he saw how happy Ben was with Jonathan and ths kids I think he will try harder to destory it just to have Ben back...Ben can keep on saying he loves Jonathan but at this point actions speak way louder than words so he better get his head straight before disaster stricks!

Thank you for the update! Sorry for not reviewing sooner. Currently my head is filled with World Cup, World Cup and more World Cup, lol! Take care - another time!
6/6/2010 c7 BettyBoo
Devon is a beautiful baby boy and he fits right in! I was really happy to see how easily Ben took him in, seeing how he worried about that. However Jonathan is sensing something is up! I hope - pray! - they don't run into Sebastien in the mall! *bites nails* I can only imagine how that will go down *shudders*...Thank you for answering my questions and another one that popped up while I read the chapter. Just as Ben & Jonathan started to get hot and heavy I was thinking will Ben use a condom - which he did - while with Sebastien...*sighs*...should we readers be slightly worried about that detail? *shudders* I hope not!

I know I have been harsh on Ben. Eager to put the whole blame on him but you're right. Jonathan has been absent and focused a lot of energy on the kids and the business so I can't really blame Ben for acting out, can I? I mean they are in a partnership but somewhere, along the way, they stopped talking...

I knew ch 7 was going to be something so I'm looking eagerly forward to ch 8 XD (yup, a bit greedy here, lol!) Take care and thanks for the update! You never disappointed. Really. You never do =)
6/5/2010 c6 Leanna williams
Their is alot of sex going on between these two men.


Tsk Tsk.

Poor Jonathon!


Although, i see something coming out Sebastien.
6/5/2010 c6 BettyBoo
And here we go again - BEN? _ Dear Lord, I give up! Lol!...I went back and re-read some previous chapters - and yup, Ben is NOT my favourite person at the moment! I know Ben has his reasons but his passion for Jonathan has changed. Before it was stronger, despite their differences. But ever since he and Sebastien started doing it as soon as they see each other that has quickly gone down the drain!...Ben says he cares for Jonathan and he probably does but if he REALLY cared for him and wanted to stay together with Jonathern then Ben could've taken Brittany along, seeing how he was SUPPOSE to look after her(!) That way the elevator scene wouldn't had happened - but no! Instead Sebastien is getting deeper and deeper underneath his skin and soon enough Ben will be too deep to get out!...But again, his lose and his mistake. Jonathan will figure him out and dump his behind(!) - and hopefully find someone better!

Uhm...lastly before I end I just have quick few questions (maybe I should PM them in the future? Tell me if that feels better, okay?): In a old chapter you wrote Blaze's sudden scary change had a reason, will he show up in this book? Has Jonathan met Ben's parents? And who's oldest - Ben or Jonathen?

Thank you taking your time and updating so quickly! I just KNOW ch 7 is going to be something! XD
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