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9/9/2019 c1 j0rja
Well thanks for the heartbreak. I'm just going to imagine she ends up with someone amazing and in the future he regrets everything if he cheated becuase I can't stand people who cheat.
10/22/2015 c1 annayh44
Thats bitter truth *cry* hehe
7/24/2010 c1 natmarie
I really really like this one. The style is very unique and the message that comes hurtling at you when you get to the end is quite a jolt of reality, one that I think everyone can relate to. At least I can relate to. The italics added in bursts of humor while still getting their point across. Lovely little drabble.
7/1/2010 c1 3HPRK08
This.. is wonderful. Seriously, amazing idea!

'you didn't always get to be the heroine.'

Great work, amazing.


6/13/2010 c1 7Silencia
aw... this is so sad... poor girl... but I also feel for the guy... it's pretty hard picking sides when not knowing the whole story xD

Grtz Silencia
6/4/2010 c1 Artume
Oh my goodness that was so SAD! I absolutely LOVED it! It was so true! You can't always expect a happily-ever-after...aw. :( Magnificent job. I like how you've structured the sentences, it makes the flow like a series of flashes, from one scene to another. Fab job!
5/5/2010 c1 DemonsAngel
i am in love! do you mind if i marry this story :)

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