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for Three Simple Words

9/7/2010 c1 25Kyllex
I really liked this. I love Graham and I honestly wasn't expecting him to be Raina's Bobby! That was an interesting twist. (: I love how defensive and possessive Starr got over that, it made me smile in a messed up way. Haha. I loved it, good job!
9/6/2010 c1 14its.Nothing.Special
God, I loved this. So very real and perfect, with all those details that make every character worth loving and every story worth reading. I loved Starr's turmoil over whether or not to break up with Graham because it was so natural; she just started college, she needed to explore, etc - and yet, being with Graham was even more natural, essential even. This flowed in a way that most stories don't, because you were so in tune with Starr's thoughts, and I can't tell you how much I loved reading something that seemed like it could actually happen, thoughts that a person might truly think. (Stories like these are getting rarer and rarer these days on this site.) The part where Starr was introducing Raina to Graham/Bobby was so well done. The whole story existed for that moment. It was perfect. As my creative writing teacher would say, it arrived in a way as inevitable as it was surprising; and the resolution offered the reader the opportunity to discern not only what had been made final, but all that has become possible. "I love you." Just wonderful. Best use of those words I've seen on FicPress in a long time!

5/12/2010 c1 3dairodair
I'm so happy to finally read something new from you. I like the concept of the story and the fact that she doesn't automatically know or say that she loves him when he does. :3

I can't wait for more to read. Such as in..Snippets...Just sayin'. XD
5/9/2010 c3 2daydee

i love this! it's so cute.

it might be more suitable for a one-shot, but i don't know. maybe that's just me.

overall, it's really good though!


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