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8/1/2010 c61 54wayfaringstrangers
:/ You'll figure it out. You're young; you still have time to decide.
8/1/2010 c60 wayfaringstrangers
:/ That sucks.

But at least you only have to re-take one course.
7/26/2010 c55 11Mirthless Laughter
Good luck! =]
7/26/2010 c53 Mirthless Laughter
I'm sorry. =/
7/26/2010 c52 Mirthless Laughter
My sister turned twenty-one this year. Someone at her work asked her if she was going to go out partying. Apparently that's what you do when you turn twenty-one? xD. Yeah, here in America it's the drinking age.
7/26/2010 c51 Mirthless Laughter
I'm glad you had a good birthday! :)
7/16/2010 c55 54wayfaringstrangers
Good luck!
7/13/2010 c53 wayfaringstrangers
Maybe you should call up one of your friends and ask if you can spend the weekend at their place? You'd get to see someone you know and get out of the house.
7/11/2010 c51 wayfaringstrangers
I'm glad you had a good time! :)
7/11/2010 c50 wayfaringstrangers
So, a little bit late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA! xD
7/10/2010 c50 11Mirthless Laughter
Hahaha, I'm sorry it's a freaky sensation - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, nonetheless.
7/8/2010 c48 54wayfaringstrangers
That's true. Well, after you graduate from university, you can go far away to get a job.
7/8/2010 c47 wayfaringstrangers
That's a nice phrase. I like it a lot, :)
7/7/2010 c47 11Mirthless Laughter
That's going to be awesome! :) I'm such a total baby when it comes to pain that I'll probably never get up the courage to do something like that. xD.
7/6/2010 c46 Mirthless Laughter
Speaking from experience, a lot of times it's better to not know what they're talking about. Yeah, it's irritating, but in the end, it saves a lot of frustration.

Not that that's going to make you stop wanting to know what they're talking about. Ugh, the feeling is annoying. xD
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